They'll do the mash...

They'll do the mash...

You've seen fanged freaks, chainsaw-swinging sociopaths and other hockey masked horror icons that submerge television networks into the blackest depths during the Halloween season. This Tuesday night on Sci Fi, however, the Land of the Extreme presents a quartet of real life aberrations -- Big Daddy V, Kane, The Great Khali and Mark Henry -- in the ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal.

"In this contest on the day before Halloween," began Big Daddy's didactic cohort, Matt Striker, "the only thing that's scary is that Big Daddy V cannot be stopped. And, as far as trick or treat goes, I'll opt for the treat of seeing Big Daddy V decimate three other men in the ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal."

Worlds collided last week as The Dominating Force in WWE faced SmackDown's Big Red Machine on ECW on Sci Fi. This physical eruption between both behemoths was left unresolved as Khali and Henry invaded the ring for a multi-mammoth melee. This week, with more than a half ton of (in)humanity battling in an over-the-top rope contest of survival, it's possible that the Nassau Coliseum could crack at its core.

Big Daddy V is the sole ECW Superstar in the Land of the Extreme's Monster Mash Battle Royal. That said, the mastodon will not only be defending his own personal monstrosity, but also representing ECW. Not being voted to face champion CM Punk at Cyber Sunday, the 500-pound tank of destruction will be especially hostile -- and alarmingly dangerous.

"Big Daddy V's strategy is to head into that ring and continue to wreak havoc the way we have been doing," added the pompous professor. "And everyone in WWE is painfully aware of the devastation left in his path."

One individual that is highly familiar with the force associated with the letter V is Kane. The Bid Red Monster was the last monster standing in the ring on Tuesday and as WWE Mobile on AT&T subscribers first saw earlier this week, he has guaranteed victory on Sci Fi. Despite Kane's pledge and the foreboding menaces that will also be competing in this clash -- former World Heavyweight Champion Khali and the World's Strongest Man -- Striker affirmed that his beast will succeed.

"You have a machine in Kane, a giant in The Great Khali and a self-proclaimed Silverback in Mark Henry," Striker explained. "None of them is the most Dominating Force in WWE. In all my clairvoyance, it is something anyone should be able to see."

Call it clairvoyance or sheer arrogance, Striker's claims have been backed up by Big Daddy many times before. Could ECW's largest threat dominate three of sports-entertainment's most lethal leviathans? Can the ring sustain the gravity -- and actual weight -- of this huge battle? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday at 10/9 CT to catch this gigantic collision and much more.

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