Love connection?

Love connection?

Holding hands at a roller rink? A double feature at one of the few remnant drive-in movie theaters across the country? A brisk, but tender wander along the boardwalk on one of the famed shores of the Garden State? For that matter, a lovely evening at Balls Mahoney's burly bachelor pad in Jersey?

Everyone wants to know where Kelly Kelly and Balls went and what they did on their very first date -- including After the ECW Diva asked Balls out less than two weeks ago on ECW on Sci Fi, a scandalous buzz resonated across all three brands.

Direct from the source (Mahoney, himself), details are vague at best and, essentially, null.

"I don't kiss and tell," said the ECW Original with a smile only a mother (and maybe Kelly) could love.

Normally gregarious and ready for a conversation on just about anything, Balls suddenly exhibited an uncharacteristic need for privacy. Perhaps waiting for the right moment to reveal the details of such a dream date and respecting the blonde beauty's privacy as well, he provided no specifics on their friendly engagement.

As the quest for juicy details continued, however, our voyeuristic venture did manage to uncover ample "locker rumor."

"I heard Balls talking on the phone about taking Kelly out for a nice Italian meal," one source told "Balls tried to wine and dine Kelly, but realized she was underage, so they went with the spaghetti dinner…and sparkling water."

"Eventually," the source continued, "they were forced to leave the restaurant because Balls tried to take a swing at the waiter for trying to lay the napkin across his lap."

Another unnamed insider said that Mahoney and Kelly took to a local spot where a live band was playing. The energetic Diva was reportedly excited to try her Extreme Exposé hot steps outside the arena, but it didn't seem a natural fit for Balls' death metal music taste.

"The blonde nearly got moshed out of her hot pants," said the snarky source. "But Balls apparently came to her rescue."

It's difficult to truly discern where the night led the two or if chemistry bonded them together like a pair of romantically charged atoms. More importantly, many gossip-mongers would like to know if there was, in fact, a kiss for Balls to not tell about.

Though very hush-hush on the topic, Balls didn't seem to be unhappy after having any man's dream date with one of the Sexiest Women on Television. This in itself is a sign that things may have gone well enough, despite these reported bumps in the road and the distinct contrasting personalities of the haggard Balls and the divine Kelly Kelly.

As Paula Abdul and an animated feline in Ray Bans showed the world in the 1980s hit music video, such stark opposites do tend to attract. Could this be just the start for these two unlikely love birds in the Land of the Extreme? Will their unique relationship develop further this week on ECW?

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