Hungry for gold

Hungry for gold

LAREDO, Texas -- With Cyber Sunday -- and the battle for the ECW Championship just days away -- it was young star, Evan Bourne, who outshined his fellow challengers in a Triple Threat Match. WATCH all of the action now in the ECW Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

Evan Bourne def. Mark Henry and Finlay (Triple Threat Match) (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
In a battle pitting all three potential challengers for the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday against each other, Mark Henry was firmly in control from the start. However, Finlay shook things up when he bashed Henry with his shillelagh. Evan Bourne capitalized by knocking Finlay to the canvas after leaping from the ropes. Then, with both the Belfast Brawler and World's Strongest Man down, Bourne took to the ropes again and hit Henry with a Shooting Star Press to pick up the biggest win of his career. Choose ECW Champion Matt Hardy's Cyber Sunday challenger.

Shad def. The Miz (Disqualification) (PHOTOS)
Despite Shad's brute force and size advantage over The Miz, "The Dirt Sheet" host held his own against his "Word Up" nemesis. However, when The Miz's co-host, John Morrison, kicked Shad in the back, the referee immediately called for the bell and ruled the match a disqualification. "The Dirt Sheet" could face "Word Up" in a Cyber Sunday Tag Team Match if the WWE Universe chooses the encounter among three potential matches. Cast your Cyber Sunday vote.

Jack Swagger def. Brett Badery (PHOTOS)
Using killer instinct, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger dominated Brett Badery, finishing off the young upstart with a brutal gutwrench powerbomb. After the match, WWE's Todd Grisham asked Swagger what he would do the next time he collided with ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. Swagger sarcastically replied, "Tommy who?" and sauntered out of the ring.

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