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Unwelcome visitor

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho took a trip to the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night. While the SmackDown Superstar came to ECW to scout for talent to join his WWE Bragging Rights team, ECW General Manager Tiffany had another idea for Jericho.

ECW Champion Christian def. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (Non-Title Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho joined ECW on Syfy this week, but his plans to recruit members for the SmackDown Team for the WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Match quickly went awry. After interrupting "The Abraham Washington Show" (WATCH) and Rosa Mendes' ECW debut, ECW General Manager Tiffany denied Jericho's request to scout for talent. (WATCH) Later, the tag champ conspired with William Regal to allow Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov to join his SmackDown Team Sunday, but Tiffany stopped the disrespectful Jericho's scheme and ordered him to face ECW Champion Christian later that night. (WATCH)

In Tuesday's main event, Captain Charisma gave Jericho a little taste of what the Land of the Extreme had to offer. The former World Tag Team Champions hadn't faced each other in six years. Jericho's night of talent-seeking backfired when he met the ECW Champion in one-on-one action. After a devastating Killswitch, Christian pinned the Unified Tag Team Champion for the monumental victory on ECW on Syfy.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Yoshi Tatsu's winning streak continued this week on ECW on Syfy. The Japanese Superstar was victorious over Zack Ryder, earning himself a future ECW Championship Match! Tatsu was overjoyed by his win over the brash, cocky, Long Island, N.Y.-bred Superstar, unabashedly celebrating while the WWE Universe in the Colonial Life Arena cheered.

New No. 1 contender Tatsu will fight Christian for the Extreme Title on next week's ECW on Syfy! Will the Japanese Superstar's winning streak continue when he faces ECW Champion Christian for the gold? Watch ECW on Syfy Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

Sheamus vs. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Celtic Warrior met a local competitor in singles action on ECW on Syfy, but their match was interrupted by none other than Sheamus' enemy, Shelton Benjamin. The Gold Standard, angry about Sheamus' proclamation last week that he'll stop at nothing to annihilate him, stormed into the ring and attacked his rival, causing the match to end in a no-contest. After the assault, a stunned Sheamus grasped the back of his head and stumbled up the ramp as an irate Benjamin watched.

What's next for Sheamus and Benjamin? When will these two Extreme Superstars meet again in the ring?

Paul Burchill confronts The Hurricane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After defeating The Hurricane last week on ECW, Paul Burchill demanded that Gregory Helms unmask himself as The Hurricane in front of the WWE Universe. After "The Hurricane" entered the ring and began to remove his mask, Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea, were stunned to see it was an imposter. Moments later, The Hurricane appeared from under the ECW ring and attacked Burchill with The Hurri-Cane. The shocked brother and sister duo retreated up the ramp, allowing the masked Superstar to get the last laugh this time.

Will Burchill ever be able to prove his theory that Helms and The Hurricane are one in the same? When will these rivals meet again in the ECW ring?

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