Punk pumped for venture

Punk pumped for venture

The ECW Champion has established himself as the Straightedge Superstar whose only addiction is competition. But, with the new venture that will allow SmackDown and ECW Superstars to compete on both shows, never has CM Punk had an opportunity to have his obsession so satisfied.

"This unprecedented venture would mean different individuals to compete against," explained the champion, seemingly content with this truth. "It means different experiences to have and a different journey to embark upon."

The apparent deal struck by Acting SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero and ECW General Manager Armando Estrada directly affected CM Punk's night last week on ECW on Sci Fi. Stepping into a 3-on-2 Handicap Match against three vile opponents, the Straightedge Superstar selected SmackDown's Kane as his tag partner. Together, Punk and the Big Red Machine stood tall and were able to decisively defeat ECW Title Match Cyber Sunday candidates John Morrison, The Miz and Big Daddy V.

This in-ring success was a necessary victory for CM Punk as he heads into the most interactive event of the year against an opponent that you will determine. Keeping in mind this jeopardous contest that awaits him this Sunday, the competitive champion expressed his eagerness for future match-ups against SmackDown's finest. As thrilling as it was to team with the Big Red Monster in the Land of the Extreme, Punk would love to step in the ring with Kane again, but on different terms.

"[On SmackDown], I would have the opportunity, in my mind, to get in the ring with guys I haven't been able to get in the ring with, namely guys like Batista and Undertaker," he said. "I'd even love to go one-on-one with somebody like Kane."

Punk is still overtly focused on his imminent Cyber Sunday confrontation, but he is truly excited about the latest brainchild of the two brands' managing officials. In addition to the exposure he would gain by appearing on the network televised Friday night program, the Straightedge Superstar could gain new notches in his belt -- those of a Phenom, an Animal, a Baller or even a man who "Will Not Die."

Considering the potential matches that will appear in the coming weeks on ECW on Sci Fi, and SmackDown as well, our fans (like Punk) must be salivating at the prospect. Between the Cyber Sunday selection process and this unique mandate across brands, it's certainly one hell of a month to be a WWE fan. Be sure not to miss a single moment of the cross-promotional mayhem each Tuesday night (10/9 CT) on ECW on Sci Fi and Friday night on SmackDown (8/7 CT).

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