A matter of choice

A matter of choice

UNITED KINGDOM — All hell broke loose under the Union Jack this week, as the triad of ECW Champion CM Punk's potential Cyber Sunday challengers came to extreme blows on ECW on Sci Fi. In the end it was Big Daddy V who heavily punctuated a very emphatic statement by compressing both The Miz and John Morrison and standing above their near-broken bodies.

But before Big Daddy's attack, The Dominating Force in WWE met a sizeable match in the 7-foot form of SmackDown's Kane. Earlier in the day, WWE.com announced that Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero and ECW GM Armando Estrada were reportedly negotiating a unique deal that would enable Superstars from both brands to appear on both shows. The Big Red Monster's presence as ECW Champion CM Punk's handpicked tag partner against the ECW Title Cyber Sunday candidates could have been a sign that this deal is sealed.

As The Miz, Morrison and Big Daddy filled the ECW ring at the start of the night, they each boastfully claimed to be the individual due an ECW Championship opportunity. Moments after nearly coming to blows, the three were interrupted by their opponents: The Straightedge Superstar and the Big Red Machine. Failing as a cohesive unit, the Cyber Sunday candidates were defeated by Punk and Kane after miscommunication between the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy.

Following the mishap that led to the trio's downfall, Morrison confronted Miz (still aching from a chokeslam) in the locker room. Calling the chick magnet a loser, the Tuesday Night Delight said he would make him a two-time loser in the same night; Morrison challenged The Miz to a one-on-one match later on. One sucker punch from the faux-hawked Superstar later, the two had themselves a second match on Sci Fi.

With the Land of the Extreme watching closely (and possibly countless votes at stake), The Miz and the Shaman of Sexy exchanged blows. Before they could truly settle their newly established differences, a problem bigger than both Miz and Morrison combined made his way to the ring. Flanked by Matt Striker, Big Daddy V invaded the ring and pummeled his fellow Cyber Sunday candidates, letting out a ferocious bellow heard throughout the NIA Arena in the United Kingdom.

This image of a bellicose 500-pound beast standing over his fallen prey may have sent a number of WWE fans to the polls to cast their vote in his favor. Although Cyber Sunday will be an ECW fan's dream come true on pay-per-view, Tuesday night certainly proved to be a physically woeful nightmare for Morrison and The Miz. Might the same be said for CM Punk in just two weeks? Vote now!

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