Kelly's big Miz-take?

Kelly's big Miz-take?

The Miz might have his sights set on ECW gold, but his golden Diva, Kelly Kelly, clearly has her sights (and heart) set on another man: Balls Mahoney. Though many in the Land of the Extreme might be happy to see this classic incidence of "Beauty and the Balls" realized, it's possible that Kelly's heartfelt decision may have cost the Diva her career.

Just weeks ago, The Miz revealed that he owns the contract to Extreme Exposé -- including the blonde bombshell -- and threatened to cancel Kelly Kelly from that contract if she agreed to date Balls. While the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" was finding some polarity between he and fellow ECW Title Match Cyber Sunday candidates last week, Kelly finally exhibited some true magnetic pull toward the ECW Original.

After more than a month of Balls' courtship, the Diva disregarded The Miz's threat and asked her suitor out on a date. Grinning from ear to pierced ear, an elated Mahoney could barely utter a verbal acceptance before the two hooked arms and galloped toward a romantic evening.

However, given Miz's obstinate warning, could this forbidden love come at a price for the Diva with a name so nice, you say it twice?

Once the faux-hawked Superstar refocuses his attention to his most beloved throng of dancing Divas, The Miz certainly isn't going to invite Kelly and Balls on an imbalanced double-date with him, Brooke and Layla. In fact, if Miz makes good on his promise, Kelly's dating decision will be her last in ECW; she may very well be served a pink slip out of the Land of the Extreme.

It will be interesting to see how The Miz -- the contract owner of Extreme Exposé -- will react to Kelly Kelly's blatant noncompliance. Will the Diva's attraction to Balls send the chick magnet over the edge?

Another lingering question lies in exactly what Balls and Kelly's date was like. Was endangering her ECW career worth it? Did the two contrasting personalities actually hit it off? Or will Kelly Kelly be questioning whether she made the best decision?

Finally, what must Balls Mahoney be thinking right now? He certainly got what he wanted: An intimate night with one of the Sexiest Women on Television. If Kelly's livelihood has been jeopardized, however, will Balls hold himself responsible?

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT to see how this extreme love triangle affects its three very human components.

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