Hoedown on Sci Fi

Hoedown on Sci Fi

An unfamiliar bluegrass melody of "Biscuits and Gravy" echoed in the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night, signaling the arrival of SmackDown's benevolent banjo boys, Jesse & Festus.

Led to ECW by Acting SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero, Jesse & Festus brought their unique abilities to the ring against Elijah Burke and Nunzio. And, as repulsed as many ECW Superstars were by the country boys, Jesse & Festus were awestruck at the many distinctive sights of the Land of the Extreme.

"We couldn't believe all the different folks that ECW had to offer," an excited Jesse told WWE.com. "Them beauties, Extreme Exposé -- boy, oh boy! And the last time we seen somethin' as big as Big Daddy V, was in our barn -- and she had utters."

Giving his partner a hearty pat on his slouched back, Jesse explained that even Festus was "real excited" for their extreme encounter. Despite this claim, the slack-jawed and limber-lipped Festus didn't even flinch during the WWE.com interview; his oft-noted and peculiar blank gaze served as his sole contribution.

With no bell to ring in order to access Festus' fiercer, more animated side, Jesse maintained the conversation, describing their tag team success on ECW on Sci Fi.

"We had a hoedown of a good time on [ECW] territory," Jesse added. "Festus and me are both real glad Vickie and that Estrada fella came up with this thing, bringing SmackDown folks to EC-dubya. Now, we're lookin' forward to them boys showing up on Friday nights too."

Like Jesse, Vickie expects to see some ECW presence on Friday nights, as she informed Estrada on Sci Fi. As part of the two managing officials' newly founded joint venture, Superstars from both brands are permitted to compete on both shows. This strategy seems likely to cultivate previously unexplored match-ups, new rivalries and, ultimately, enhance competition across the brands. (Read more on this story)

Given Jesse & Festus' exciting visit to the Land of the Extreme -- not to mention an explosive contest that saw Kane teaming with ECW Champion CM Punk -- things are certainly moving according to Vickie and Armando's plans. Stay tuned to both ECW and SmackDown as this new endeavor continues to develop, and see your favorite Superstars from both brands collide.

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