Full house...of pain

This week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi laid it all out on the table. From Extreme Strip Poker turned cat fight to Six-Man Tag action, by the night's end, the Extremists and Divas dealt ECW fans a full house of pain.

In the quintessential confrontation between ECW Originals and new blood Extremists, the Extreme team of Sandman, Sabu and Rob Van Dam defeated the trio of Matt Striker, Test and ECW World Champion Big Show. Just one week after the Originals experienced one of the worst nights since ECW's rebirth, the combination of Sandman, Sabu and RVD stood together and stood tall following a Six-Man Tag Match this week on Sci Fi.

Last week, Matt Striker, Big Show and Test all had a huge night of dominance on ECW on Sci Fi, culminating in the destruction of RVD in an Extreme Rules Match. After the Extreme Giant tossed Van Dam through a table, Test earned his biggest victory in ECW, but even with the Extreme Giant and the pompous, calculating former social studies teacher as his partners, the true grit and sheer fighting spirit of ECW's founding members prevailed. (WATCH)

For a majority of the contest, however, the monstrous Big Show dominated by brutalizing his opponents with his massive hands. Reliving the action of the previous week, Test too used his size and strength to keep the advantage in his team's corner. The ECW Originals would show no fear, inviting the punishment and enduring the assault.

The original Extremists fought back utilizing double-team tactics including a Rolling Thunder/Arabian legdrop from the apron combo from Van Dam and the Homicidal, Suicidal, Death-defying Maniac. RVD, Sabu and Sandman ultimately achieved the advantage, double-dropkicking Big Show's kneecaps to incapacitate the immense Extremist and taking out Test as well.

With a vulnerable Striker left alone, RVD ascended the turnbuckle a delivered a giant Five Star Frog Splash to the educator. For a final touch, RVD tagged in a hyped and extremely eager Sandman who was pinned by Striker in the same ring one week before. Sandman entered the ring and continued the attack on his rival with a barrage of haymakers and a Senton Bomb from the top rope for the emphatic win.

Of course, this week's ECW on Sci Fi hosted arguably the most highly anticipated and sexiest game of chance on television as Divas from ECW, SmackDown and RAW participated in Extreme Strip Poker. Read more on all the hot, sultry card action on ECW.com.

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, the undefeated CM Punk faced the self-touted "most extreme athlete" in ECW, Rene Dupree. Given the recent issues he's had with Mike Knox -- Punk fan Kelly Kelly's overprotective boyfriend, Punk didn't seem to be at all distracted in his highly competitive contest with Dupree. The fierce straightedge Extremist maintained his winning streak by picking up another victory with his Anaconda Vice.

Tommy Dreamer sought retribution on ECW on Sci Fi, the difference being that the ECW Original succeeded this week. After the unusual Kevin Thorn cheated a victory out of Dreamer one week before, Dreamer was prepared for Thorn and his skull-adorned walking stick. By the end of this rematch, Thorn had several near falls on the ECW Original, but Dreamer displayed his tough-as-nails resiliency.

After dropping Thorn with a kick to the very low midsection, Dreamer landed a big DDT for the pin in the center of the ring, further igniting the evening for ECW Originals and also ending the undefeated streak of Thorn. You can catch this and all the other action of ECW on Sci Fi in this week's Hardcore Hangover.

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