Strange days return to ECW

Strange days return to ECW

DETROIT -- Things seemed like they couldn't get much more painful for ECW Champion CM Punk, still recovering from a massive Big Daddy V beatdown at No Mercy. But it looks like they just have gone from bad to worse.

General Manager Armando Estrada already has begun to look ahead to Cyber Sunday, and his search for an opponent worthy of a title opportunity quickly became interesting when former ECW Champion John Morrison defeated Punk in Tuesday night's main event. Considering Morrison's success as champion and his storied rivalry with the current champion, CM Punk should be nervous about more than Big Daddy V. (WATCH) More on this story…

As for the scale-tipping behemoth, Matt Striker's favorite student kicked off ECW on Sci Fi with a crushing victory over Tommy Dreamer. After announcing he would show no mercy to the ECW Original just as he showed none for CM Punk on Sunday, Big Daddy V did precisely that. Perhaps his outing was enough to impress Estrada and earn another championship match at Cyber Sunday. (WATCH)

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly saw each other for the first time since last week's revelation concerning The Miz's power over her career. Still in disbelief over the blonde's feelings for Mahoney, the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" promised he would show Kelly what a real man is like. Moments later, The Miz stood victorious over the ECW Original after he was counted out, but The Miz left the ring without his third escort. Kelly stayed behind to tend to Balls, who returned her teddy bear to its rightful owner before the match began. Of course, it didn't stay in her possession for long as The Miz booted it into the air.

While The Miz may have caught Estrada's eye, in other action, Kevin Thorn defeated James Curtis in the victim's ECW on Sci Fi debut.

All who roam the Land of the Extreme have been putting forth maximum effort in hopes of convincing Estrada that they are deserving of the ECW Title Match at Cyber Sunday. While he will announce his choices for Punk's opponent Wednesday at noon ET, it will ultimately be up to you -- our fans -- to decide which Superstar makes the cut. Be sure to visit Wednesday at noon to cast your vote, and possibly decide the fate of the ECW Championship.

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