A choice of evils

A choice of evils

The power may be in the hands of the WWE Fan Nation to determine ECW Champion CM Punk's Cyber Sunday opponent, but given the options provided by ECW General Manager Armando Estrada, they must essentially choose the least of three evils. Forced to elect the vile Big Daddy V, brazen "chick magnet" The Miz or smug Shaman of Sexy John Morrison for an ECW Title Match, our fans must decide between a ternion of some of the most formidable, yet hated men in the Land of the Extreme.

As the WWE Fan Nation determines the fate of the Straightedge Champion on WWE.com, many of them may loathe Estrada more and more with each vote cast. Unscathed by this notion, the crafty Cuban General Manager argued that "there is a reason I make a lot of money to make such important decisions."

"The reason I decided to put Big Daddy V, The Miz and John Morrison in the Cyber Sunday ECW Championship Match is because they are the three most qualified people in ECW," Estrada snapped. "Anyone watching ECW on Sci Fi saw these three men earn key victories; they are the top contenders as far as I'm concerned."

Estrada actually has a point. The dominant Big Daddy V took Punk beyond the limit at No Mercy and nearly squeezed the gold off the Straightedge Superstar. For weeks, The Miz has stringed a series of wins over just about every ECW Original, along with myriad others. And of course, Morrison himself pinned Punk in a non-title match earlier this week, live on Sci Fi.

Nobody can deny that CM Punk facing any of these three men will be a premiere contest of dynamic, talented performers. Despite this indelible truth, the WWE Fan Nation may have been perturbed to find several of their favorite ECW Superstars absent from the Cyber Sunday ballot -- namely, Tommy Dreamer.

"Dreamer did a lot of great things for ECW," Estrada admitted, "but that was 10 years ago…15 years ago…hey, that was 30 years ago. The bottom line is: Tommy Dreamer, just like Janet Jackson, what have you done for me lately?"

Lately, Dreamer was, in essence, dispossessed of an ECW Championship Match against CM Punk at No Mercy. Just when it seemed he'd won the multi-week Elimination Chase, it was revealed by Estrada that Big Daddy V was a last minute entrant in the competition. In mere minutes, the 500-pounder squashed the already exhausted body of Dreamer, along with the ECW Original's championship dreams.

Judging by the support he received from hordes of ECW Die Hards, it seemed like everyone wanted to see Dreamer face CM Punk for the title. Regrettably, the last person in his corner might be the ECW GM.

"I've got nothing personal against Dreamer," Estrada disputed. "He was a great ECW Champion -- for one night in the 1990s -- and is an ECW icon. However, it's all about the young lions. Sorry, Tommy -- next time."

There may never be a next time for competitors like Tommy Dreamer, as long as Estrada is in power. Fortunately, that power is temporarily limited with the onset of the most interactive event of the year, Cyber Sunday. Estrada now relinquishes control to you, the WWE Fan Nation, to determine which Superstar should face CM Punk for the gold in less than three weeks. Will it be the scale-tipping monster, the faux-hawked ladies' man or the Tuesday Night Delight? Vote now!

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