Breaking on through

Breaking on through

DETROIT — As the world of sports-entertainment readies itself for the most interactive event of the year, the Land of the Extreme is fully immersed in the surging excitement of Cyber Sunday. Locker room buzz was that ECW General Manager Armando Estrada was closely monitoring the extreme roster as he prepared to name the contenders for CM Punk's ECW Title. But, if one individual made unquestionable impact on Tuesday night, it was former ECW Champion John Morrison.

The Shaman of Sexy proved why he carried the ECW Title only months before, bringing Punk to the limit in the Joe Louis Arena. Despite the physical thrashing he received from Big Daddy V following their match at No Mercy, CM Punk clearly came ready for battle -- pain or no pain, injured ribs or not -- and eager to quench his undying thirst for competition. (WATCH)

Exchanging an array of holds reminiscent of their high-stakes wars this past summer, both men were relentless in their attacks. The cunning Morrison seized advantage of a Big Daddy V battle-worn CM Punk in their non-title encounter, though the champion retaliated with his own unique in-ring arsenal. In the end, Morrison secured a victory over his Straightedge rival -- less than 24 hours before voting opens on to determine Punk's Cyber Sunday opponent.

Likely aware that Estrada would hand-pick candidates for a Cyber Sunday title match, Big Daddy V also seemed more aggressive than ever on Sci Fi Tuesday night. The 500-pounder was merciless in his match with Tommy Dreamer, a mere two days after nearly seizing the gold from CM Punk at No Mercy. Still seething from the arguably unjust outcome of the recent Elimination Chase, the fiery ECW Original brought the fight to Big Daddy V, but couldn't overcome the dominant behemoth. (WATCH)

With a sizeable victory over Dreamer, Big Daddy V sent a fairly audible message to ECW GM Estrada, who could very well select the giant as an option in Cyber Sunday's ECW Championship Match. Most notably, by flattening both the Straightedge Superstar on Sunday and the Original on ECW, V demonstrated that he is still a very large threat to Punk's title.

Estrada could easily choose either of these dangerous antagonists -- Morrison or Big Daddy V -- as contenders for the ECW Championship. Might CM Punk once again face the Shaman of Sexy in a matter of weeks, this time with the title at stake? Will Punk's Cyber Sunday opponent be the quarter-ton, seemingly unstoppable monster, or could Dreamer's undying spirit have somehow managed to earn the near unattainable admiration of Estrada?

The crafty Cuban has the power to choose Punk's possible opponents, but you, the WWE Fan Nation, will ultimately decide who will actually face the ECW Champion three weeks from Sunday. Cast your vote now. Make your voice heard!

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