Back in the hunt

Back in the hunt

Emerging back into the red-hued glow of ECW on Sci Fi last week, John Morrison relit the competitive fuse between himself and ECW Champion CM Punk. One pinfall victory later, the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy is a candidate for a championship opportunity at Cyber Sunday and has been propelled back into the title hunt.

"While on my recent trip searching for the inner Morrison," explained the Tuesday Night Delight, "I swam in pools of light where majesty glows and dies. I'm beyond good and evil. And I learned what is eternal and what is fleeting."

In his colorful (yet near incomprehensible) discourse, Morrison appeared to be as confident as ever and perhaps even more convinced that he is the supreme being in the Land of the Extreme. After being defeated by CM Punk for the ECW gold in early September, Morrison struck back against his Straightedge rival with a notable, non-title win last Tuesday night. This triumph appeared to have secured the investment of General Manager Armando Estrada, who hand-picked Morrison (as well as Big Daddy V and The Miz) for a possible championship match against Punk at Cyber Sunday.

Like him or not, the fur-coated former ECW Champion now stands on the cusp of what could be a new dawn in the Land of the Extreme.

"I am eternal. I am the portal to the infinite," he said. "The ECW Championship is my earthly paradise and nothing will come between the Shaman and his gold."

As large as his success against CM Punk proved to be, before Morrison can fully implant his way back into the annals of ECW lore, he must pass a test that is completely out of his hands. Ultimately, it is you, the fans, who will decide if the Tuesday Night Delight will make it to the most interactive event of the year to contend for ECW's most cherished symbol. Have your voice heard! Vote now!

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