Extreme interruption

Extreme interruption

TRENTON, N.J. -- ECW's esteemed General Manager, Tiffany, has returned to The Land of the Extreme, attempting to restore order to Tuesday nights. But once again, despite some setbacks, William Regal and his minions were the Superstars standing tall at the end of ECW on Syfy this week.

Tiffany returns to ECW (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Seizing the power as interim General Manager of ECW, William Regal quickly declared himself the new No. 1 contender to the ECW Title at the opening of ECW on Syfy. But before he could act upon his plan, he was quickly contested by Zack Ryder and ECW Champion Christian. Captain Charisma pointed out to Regal and Ryder that there are others who have done more to earn a chance at the ECW Title, including Sovereign Bank Arena's hard-working custodian, Angelo; everyone's favorite laughing WWE Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas; and the most-deserving, Yoshi Tatsu. The Japanese Superstar has pinned both Regal and Ryder in the last few weeks. But it wasn't Christian's choice as to who he'd defend his gold against next, it's returning General Manager Tiffany's decision. And while the Diva said she wasn't ready to declare a new No. 1 contender, she did announce that John Cena could possibly come to ECW, depending on the outcome of his WWE Bragging Rights Iron Man Match against Randy Orton. Tiffany also announced the evening's matches: Christian vs. Ryder, Tatsu vs. Regal and Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov in tag team action!

Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov def. Tommy Dreamer & Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
William Regal's devious associates, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov, once again proved why they're seemingly unstoppable as a tag team. While Tommy Dreamer & Goldust put up a formidable fight, Regal's dominant duo prevailed when Jackson pinned the ECW Original. Which Superstars will dare step into the ring to challenge Jackson & Kozlov next? Can anyone halt this unstoppable force?

Yoshi Tatsu def. William Regal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Tiffany returned to de-throne Regal as interim General Manager of ECW, The British Brawler's night got a bit worse when he was defeated by Yoshi Tatsu, the Superstar who pinned him last week during an ECW Tag Team Match. The Japanese Superstar has been on a winning streak lately, and this week his victory really came at Regal's expense. The ECW referee didn't notice that the British Superstar's foot was under the rope during Tatsu's pin, costing him the win. While Tatsu celebrated another success, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov emerged to help Regal argue the call. After two losses to Tatsu, will Regal try to get revenge on him? Who will the exciting, young Tatsu get in the ring with next?

ECW Champion Christian def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Zack Ryder got his wish for the main event of ECW on Syfy -- a rematch with ECW Champion Christian. But this non-title bout didn't end favorably for either competitor. A ringside-seated William Regal dispatched his associates, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov, to attack Captain Charisma during the match, giving the ECW Champion the victory by disqualification.

Then, as the fallen ECW Champion was left in the ring, Ryder, who was angry that Regal's associates cost him the match, was next to be attacked by them. Despite Regal's setbacks during the night, he once again stood tall at the end of ECW on Syfy. The WWE Universe is left to wonder, is all of this chaos part of Regal's plan to dominate The Land of the Extreme? Have Regal, Jackson & Kozlov taken full control of ECW?

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