DAYTON, Ohio -- A new chapter was written on Tuesday night in a love story that has taken more bumps than Balls Mahoney over the course of his career. The drama may have reached its greatest obstacle in recently discovered news concerning The Miz and his control over Extreme Exposé's careers.

Our story begins with a less-than-handsome ECW Original who somehow managed to catch Kelly Kelly's eye. The blond bombshell would check up on Mahoney after his matches, much to The Miz's dismay. Three weeks ago, Balls gave Kelly a stuffed bear, which had barely left her side.

Balls mustered up the nerve to ask Kelly out two weeks ago. Thanks to her overbearing escort The Miz, however, she hasn't been able to respond. With each opportunity, she found herself being pulled away either by The Miz himself or by Layla and Brooke under his instruction.

The latest ECW on Sci Fi brought different results. Mahoney entered the ring and called out the love of his life, asking once more for an answer. After a long pause, while holding her bear, Kelly said yes.

In his traditional style, The Miz immediately came out to spoil the moment. As he tried to pull Kelly from the ring, Mahoney used force to stop him and chase him to the floor. But the self-proclaimed chick magnet got in the last laugh when he reminded Kelly that he owns Extreme Exposé's management contract.

"If you want to go out with Balls," he announced, "then you're out of Extreme Exposé… Not only will you be out of Extreme Exposé; you'll be out of ECW."

The Miz demanded Kelly to make a decision right then and there. She followed her manager backstage, leaving the bear behind in Mahoney's arms.

Kelly's feelings for Balls may have cleared up, but the situation has only become more complicated as Kelly remains stuck between her heart and her friends. Will Mahoney and Kelly's romance turn out to be The Princess Bride of this century, or will there prove to be too many pillars in the way? Keep watching ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT to see what develops.

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