Friendly advice

Friendly advice

When it comes to dating, a friend's honest opinion matters most. If a possible romantic partner doesn't mesh with friends, the relationship is doomed. … Or is it?

Lovely Diva Kelly Kelly has finally said "yes" to a date with ECW Original Balls Mahoney. The trouble is, Balls hasn't exactly passed the quality inspection of  Kelly's best friends and Extreme Exposé partners, Brooke and Layla. And forget about The Miz! ECW's resident chick magnet, who holds the management contracts of Extreme Exposé, is clearly opposed to Kelly's new crush, and has threatened to fire her if she indeed goes on a date with Balls.

So what exactly do Kelly's closest friends and confidants, Brooke and Layla, think of what soon might be ECW's latest couple? went right to the source.

"I don't understand Kelly. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, she's stunning, she has a great personality, but I just think she should pick a guy who looks better than that. But I know at the same time I should say looks don't matter," Layla said, then paused.

"Well… looks don't matter, but think about it from a regular point of view -- if you walk into a club or a restaurant, what's the first thing you notice about a person? It's the way they look, the way they dress -- stuff like that. You can't avoid it. And that's what I don't understand. Does Balls have a great personality? What am I missing here? I guess don't know him. I just don't know," Layla pondered.

Brooke said she was completely shocked and dumbfounded the moment she heard Kelly say "yes" to Balls' date proposal on ECW.

"I couldn't believe it. My jaw just about dropped off my face. I just couldn't believe it," Brooke said, her eyes widening. "I'm not sure what she's thinking, going after somebody that's so… I mean, maybe he is a good person, I don't know, but look at him! I think looks do matter, not 100 percent, but you know. You've got to have some personality, but looks matter a little bit, at least!"

So would Balls' unique looks tarnish the sexy, high-profile image of Extreme Exposé should Kelly try to introduce him into their inner circle?

"You know, it might hurt our image if Kelly dates Balls," Layla snapped. "But then again, I'm not the one who wants to date him, she is!"

Brooke interjected: "I don't know if he knocks down our crew, but he just doesn't fit in. You have Extreme Exposé, you have The Miz -- look at us, then look at him. You know? It just makes you kind of wonder just what Kelly's thinking."

With all the attention Kelly has been receiving from Balls -- from the teddy bear gift to the date proposal -- could Brooke and Layla be a tiny bit envious of Kelly?

"Jealous? Jealous? You're asking me if I'm jealous?!" Brooke laughed. "I don't think so, no. We can get anyone. We can get just about whoever we want, and I think we go for someone just a little bit above Balls."

Layla said that while she's single and ready to mingle, she's definitely not jealous of the attention Kelly's receiving from the ECW Original.

"Are you kidding me? Do you really think I'd want to date -- nevermind that -- kiss, that toothless guy?! Oh no, I am not jealous!" Layla chuckled. "I'm here for Kelly. And I've tried to talk some sense into her. But whatever she is up to, I hope it's all a big joke or something, because we don't want The Miz to fire her. Besides, she can do better than Balls!"

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