Update on CM Punk's condition

Update on CM Punk's condition

ECW Champion CM Punk looked to be in bad shape the last time our fans saw him Sunday night—following a highly physical post-match assailment by Big Daddy V at No Mercy. And just hours before ECW on Sci Fi, word in the locker room area was that the 500-pound mauling Punk received after his disqualification victory may have caused him to sustain internal injuries.

A mere two nights ago, the Straightedge Superstar was victorious in his title defense against the undefeated Big Daddy V. With a valiant effort and relentless attack, the ECW Champion proved successful against his challenger of vast enormity—and even surprised many of those who doubted Punk's chances against Big Daddy V.

But despite his triumph, as Punk was assisted out of the Allstate Arena clutching his ribs and bleeding from his mouth, it still seemed to be a bad night for the champion. In addition to the bodily harm he experienced during the match, the champion's condition was exacerbated by multiple avalanche-like elbow drops from the mammoth contender.

CM Punk may have left his hometown of Chicago with the ECW Championship still in his possession, but will Big Daddy V be back to do additional damage to the Straightedge Superstar? As Big Daddy explained in a WWE.com exclusive interview after No Mercy, he is still intent on seizing ECW gold. Might the malevolent monster known by the letter V have his sights set on finishing the job live tonight on Sci Fi?

Knowing CM Punk, the ECW Champion might be anxiously waiting for Big Daddy V to attack again. But, with so much damage done to his ribs, can Punk truly defend himself or his title?

Tune in tonight to ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT to find out.

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