A grisly night on Sci Fi

After dominating in an abominable Hell in a Cell encounter at Unforgiven, Big Show successfully defended his ECW World Title against Sandman on ECW on Sci Fi. Contending with his intrusive adversary, Matt Striker, who stole Sandman's equalizer -- the Singapore cane -- Sandman was unable to overcome the Extreme Giant on Tuesday night.

Before Sandman collided with Big Show, the lethal ECW Original got his hands dirty early on in the night. As the show kicked off in Tulsa, Okla., RAW's Oklahoma native, Jim Ross, made a surprising appearance in extreme territory and told the ECW fans that he is an ECW fan. Good ol' J.R. was then rudely interrupted by the pompous Matt Striker who claimed to be in the ring at the behest of the benevolent Paul Heyman to educate Ross. Striker continued by mocking Ross and his cowboy hat until Sandman appeared in the ring behind the smug teacher. As Striker turned around to see Sandman, he futilely sought help from J.R. and met a Singapore cane blast to the midsection.

After Striker attempted to bully and humiliate J.R., the RAW commentator was given the cane and laid into the teacher who slithered off towards the locker room area. Ross then shared a cold brew with Sandman and toasted to the man he believed would be the new ECW World Champion later in the night. (WATCH the video)

Though Paul Heyman attempted to warn Big Show of Sandman's Singapore cane, the champion affirmed that Sandman's weapon would be legal in the match. Not only that, but Big Show promised to turn the challenger into a popsicle. Moments later, the giant Extremist went to war with Sandman with the ECW World Title at stake.

In a match where the Singapore cane was legal, Sandman repeatedly chopped away at the champion, drawing blood from the 7-foot monster. The mangled Big Show fought back using his girth and giant paws to overwhelm his opponent. The ECW Champion then gripped Sandman's throat and looked for the chokeslam until the challenger reversed it into a thunderous DDT. The ECW Original continued his assault, striking Big Show several times, then scaling the ropes and dropping one colossal shot to the head of the Extreme Giant.

It looked as if Sandman might become champion on Sci Fi until the conniving Striker reappeared and took the Singapore cane. With Sandman distracted by ECW's teacher, the 500-pound champion was able to get the advantage, lock in his agonizing submission hold and finish the job with a Showstopper legdrop to Sandman for the pin. Though Sandman was arguably cheated by his foe, Striker, Big Show's victory over yet another ECW Original proved that the World's Largest Athelete is the supreme force in the land of hardcore. (WATCH the video)

Can any man conquer the ECW World Champion? What level of retribution will Sandman seek against Striker? What type of aggression will the ECW Original unleash next week?

In other action, Rob Van Dam faced Hardcore Holly in a grueling Extreme Rules Match on Tuesday night. For weeks, RVD was targeted by Holly -- most notably, last week when Holly battered Van Dam, costing RVD his match against the visiting King Booker. In a contest that was nothing short of vile, Van Dam gained a bit of redemption against Holly.

RVD assailed Holly with numerous kicks and high-flying tactics, suppressing his opponent for much of the match. The momentum shifted as Holly suplexed Van Dam from the ring to the outside, driving both men through a table to the unforgiving arena floor. Seemingly motivated by the sight of his own blood, Hardcore Holly continued his aggression by dropping RVD across the throat atop a steel chair and legdropping RVD from the second rope, slamming a chair to Van Dam's face. The resilient RVD would fight back, utilizing the same chair to skateboard into Holly's skull. Holly gained the advantage by reversing a huge monkey flip from RVD into a massive powerbomb onto the cold steel of the dented chair.

RVD would ultimately muster the strength to hit his Van Daminator, sending the chair into Holly's cranium; RVD then ascended the turnbuckle and delivered a Five-Star Frog Splash to Holly. As the wounded Holly riled in agony from the impact of the splash onto his lacerated, bloody back, Van Dam covered his opponent for the unbelievable victory. (WATCH the video)

All eyes were certainly on this match on ECW on Sci Fi; after such a huge win, what's next for RVD? And, despite losing the match, Holly proved on this night that he truly is hardcore; will this be the last time Holly and Van Dam cross paths?

ECW on Sci Fi this week was also host to an Extreme Cat Fight between the sultry Vixens, Francine and Ariel. Following their altercation the week before, both fiery women were ready for extreme action on Tuesday night, but before they battled, Ariel gave Francine an impromptu tarot card reading.

"You'll be fat, ugly, pregnant and dreaming of being with someone as masculine as Kevin Thorn," the seductive succubus told Francine, causing the ECW Original to lunge at her Cat Fight opponent.

In a preview of Extreme Strip Poker on Oct. 10, Francine disrobed Ariel and mounted the vampiress until Thorn entered the ring to end the melee. Storming the ring to help his fellow ECW Original, Balls Mahoney came in to break up the double-team and rescue Francine. Before the bloodlusting couple could retreat, Balls blasted Thorn with a chair, full-swing and ECW Originals stood tall.

Though not in action on Tuesday night, CM Punk also made his presence felt on ECW on Sci Fi as he explained his addiction to competition and stated that he wanted to "compete with the biggest and the best" in ECW -- naming RVD, Sandman and ECW World Champion Big Show.

Punk's monologue was unexpectedly interrupted by one of Punk's biggest fans, Kelly Kelly. The gorgeous exhibitionist adored Punk's tattoos and mildly flirted with the straightedge Extremist, then asked Punk if he could help her prepare for Extreme Strip Poker in less than two weeks. Before CM Punk could respond, Mike Knox stepped in and grabbed his girlfriend to end their conversation. The overprotective Knox then questioned Punk and his motives with Kelly. (WATCH the video)

"That fence you seem to build around [Kelly] isn't high enough… she's trying to get into my yard," Punk told Knox, resulting in an intense staredown between the two. Knox then said after he was done straightening out Kelly, he'll be looking for Punk, who welcomed Knox's challenge. This unique issue between these three is clearly far from over; will this explode next week on ECW on Sci Fi?

Finally, the self-proclaimed "most Extreme athlete" in ECW, Rene Dupree, addressed the ECW audience. In a most provocative fashion, the brash Extremist then gestured towards his lower extremity. (WATCH the video)

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