No flukes in this Chase

No flukes in this Chase

By the conclusion of ECW on Sci Fi this week, the world will finally know who ECW Champion CM Punk will defend his title against at No Mercy. For weeks, all eyes in the Land of the Extreme have been fixed on the Elimination Chase that General Manager Armando Estrada designed to determine a No. 1 contender. With just one contest left in this unprecedented competition, Estrada couldn't be any prouder.

"As the ECW General Manager, a.k.a. hardcore dictator, I pride myself on being innovative, fresh and original," explained a head-swollen Estrada. "I don't need to use the same old repeated methods of determining a No. 1 contender like that deadbeat Teddy Long or that poor excuse for a ‘whatever he is' Jonathan Coachman."

According to Estrada, his unique construct -- the Elimination Chase to No Mercy -- was intended to isolate one Superstar worthy of receiving an ECW Title opportunity on pay-per-view. That individual couldn't simply get lucky for one night like they potentially could in something like a Battle Royal or a single night tournament. To be named No. 1 contender, that competitor would need to endure through three weeks of high-stakes combat.

"With the Elimination Chase, there are no flukes," Estrada adamantly asserted. "I devised this series of matches to prove without a shadow of a doubt who the best man is to face CM Punk for the ECW Title. Fluke-free."

With Stevie Richards and Kevin Thorn eliminated from the Chase, just the cunning Elijah Burke and dogged veteran Tommy Dreamer remain. By Wednesday morning, only one man -- the Original or the Experience -- will stand as the victor and be one step closer to their golden opportunity. Which of these two warriors will emerge the winner and walk into the Allstate Arena in Chicago this Sunday to clash with CM Punk for the ECW Championship?

Tune in live to ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT to see the culmination of the Elimination Chase and to witness one Superstar's rise toward making history at No Mercy.

Watch Week One and Week Two of the Elimination Chase, courtesy of's Hardcore Hangover.

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