Helpful headwear

Helpful headwear

Determined as Tommy Dreamer was heading into the next stage of the Elimination Chase this past week on ECW, the ECW Original revealed his source of additional -- much more meaningful -- motivation: His new bandana.

But according to Dreamer, there's much more to his newly donned headwear than decorative cloth.

"Last week, an inspirational little boy gave me a bandana to wear and I wore it to the ring," said the ECW Original, referring to the Fatal Four Way Match on Sept. 18. "This week, I called him up, asked him for another bandana and he gave me a red one. He's fighting for something greater in this world: His life."

According to Dreamer, he met this incredible young man just weeks ago at a WWE event. Suffering from a brain tumor, the boy wears a bandana to hide his scars. As a "shout out" to him and others struggling with physical ailments, the ECW Original will don a bandana to the ring. (Read more in Dreamer's brand-new column)

Dreamer's ill-stricken supporter has reinforced the Superstar's desire to prevail and reminded the ECW Original of just how privileged he is -- to compete and to have his health. If this less fortunate, yet brave member of the WWE Fan Nation can endure, then so can the 36-year-old Dreamer.

"Maybe I've got a little luck on my side after all," said the moved Original. "I've suffered a lot of losses on ECW on Sci Fi, and there have been a few moments where I haven't been so sure I could survive. But I still have plenty of fight left in me."

Enduring the first two rounds of the Elimination Chase to No Mercy, Dreamer is more anxious and hungry than ever to earn an opportunity to become ECW Champion one more time. In the days of the original ECW, he captured the ECW Title in his career's shining moment…then lost the gold in the same night. Dreamer has reached the top and wants to be at that spot once again.

"This is the second chance in my life; this is all I want," he explained. "ECW was -- and is -- my life, and now I want the new generation to see what else I've got. I want to be able to shine one more time -- an exclamation point to my career."

And he certainly can achieve that goal. With No Mercy a mere week away, Dreamer could become the man who will meet the Straightedge Superstar for the gold live on pay-per-view. He's survived -- even shined -- in both a Fatal Four Way and a Triple Threat Match involving ECW's most athletic competitors. All that remains is a one-on-one confrontation on ECW on Sci Fi with the cunning Elijah Burke, who Dreamer believes has earned tainted victories these past few weeks.

"Elijah is an opportunist," he explained. "I hit Stevie with a frog splash last week [in the first Elimination Chase match], and this week, I dropped Thorn with the DDT. Burke got the pin both times because he's an opportunist. But, opportunity doesn't always strike."

Though opportunity may not strike for the Experience this week, Dreamer certainly will -- and strike hard. Even without his symbolic bandana tightly wrapped around his scarred head, the ECW Original is a tireless warrior whose own heart pumps the lifeblood of the Land of the Extreme. Now, with the hopeful eyes of one very special fan watching Dreamer in action this coming Tuesday, the ECW Original may very well be indestructible.

Will Dreamer become the No. 1 contender for the ECW Championship? Will he earn his ticket to a title opportunity this week on ECW on Sci Fi? Tune in this Tuesday at 10/9 CT to find out.

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