Leggo my ego

Leggo my ego

WWE Universe: Don't forget, next week, ECW on Sci Fi will begin airing at 9/8 CT on Sept. 30!

COLUMBUS, OH - After "The Dirt Sheet's" John Morrison and The Miz (WATCH "The Dirt Sheet") were forced to battle each other until neither Superstar could answer the referee's count on ECW on Sci Fi, the undefeated Ricky Ortiz emerged to leave them both in the dust. (WATCH ECW's QUICK CUT)

The fuse was lit early on when the "self-proclaimed" Chick Magnet and the Tuesday Night Delight emerged with tremendous criticism of ECW General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative, being particularly critical of Ortiz and fellow Initiative Superstar Evan Bourne. But, after proclaiming that either one of them could beat any other Superstar, Long thought it would be fitting that Miz and Morrison get in the ring against one another, with the winner facing Ortiz immediately afterward.

However, things never got that far. After Miz and Morrison grappled to an intense double count-out, leaving no opponent for Ortiz to face, the young Superstar refused to be denied. He emerged with gusto, splashing both of his potential adversaries and showing them just how tough Long's new Superstars really are. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Strong words from a strong man
Mark Henry appeared before the WWE Universe with some very strong words for ECW Champion Matt Hardy, reminding the WWE Universe that he has never been pinned by the reigning champion. But, can The World's Strongest Man reverse the course of history and take back his gold at No Mercy? (Read more on this story...)

Irish eyes are smashing
Chavo Guerrero was absent from ECW on Sci Fi after apparently being attacked by The Undertaker on SmackDown. But, Finlay showed little remorse, scoring a decisive victory over Bam Neely -- thanks to the luck of the Irish and a little lively distraction by Hornswoggle. When Neely grabbed the Belfast Brawler's offspring, Finlay demonstrated the full force of his shillelagh. (PHOTOS)

All-American beat down
After being destroyed in a brutal match against the rough and ready Mike Knox, a nearly unconscious Chase Stevens was suddenly attacked by the "All-American American" Jack Swagger. But, when Tommy Dreamer rushed down to save Stevens from his smiling predator, Knox distracted the ECW Original long enough for Swagger to lay him out as well. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

A stunning victory
In an aggressive, non-title match, Maryse stunned the Land of the Extreme by overcoming Divas Champion Michelle McCool with her devastating DDT.  Has Maryse earned herself another championship opportunity? (PHOTOS)

Don't miss ECW on Sci Fi at its new start time (9/8 CT) beginning next Tuesday, Sept. 30.

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