Balls bounces back

Balls bounces back

After being denigrated by the faux-hawked chick magnet last week on, a cool Balls Mahoney responded to The Miz's public critique of the ECW Original. (Check out the Balls Breakdown)

"Look, Miz can say anything he wants about me -- the tattoos, the hair, all that -- whatever," Balls explained. "Why would I be concerned with [an MTV] Real World reject?"

Despite being defiled for his attire, oral hygiene and bodily scent, Mahoney -- labeled a "chick repellant" by The Miz -- kept his composure and still seemed to be more focused on a certain teddy bear-toting Diva.

"Keep it up and Kelly's going to be with me," Balls proclaimed, sending what many might consider a very legitimate threat to the self-proclaimed chick magnet. "That's all I got to say."

Anyone following the ever-brewing situation involving Kelly Kelly and Mahoney would admit that Balls just might actually be right. Extreme Exposé's blond bombshell appears to be building a pillow-soft spot in her heart for the ECW Original. In fact, with the fuzzy gift he gave Kelly last week on ECW on Sci Fi, Mahoney may have knocked one out of the park and into the dancing queen's heart.

Knowing that he might have earned the enviable affection of one of the Sexiest Women on Television is keeping Balls content, and has left him unscathed by The Miz's remarks.

"I never had a problem with who I was before [The Miz] opened his mouth on," added the proud ECW Original, "and I'm not going to have a problem after."

Given The Miz's comments on, will Balls keep his cool this week on ECW on Sci Fi? Will the relationship between Kelly and Mahoney continue to blossom? Tune in live to ECW on Sci Fi to find out.

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