No. 1 contender... You know it!

No. 1 contender... You know it!

HAMILTON, Ontario, Canada  -- Woo woo woo! There's a new No. 1 contender in the Land of the Extreme -- Zack Ryder. With a huge victory in Tuesday's 10-Man Battle Royal on ECW on Syfy, Ryder earned his chance at Christian's ECW Championship. You know it!

Zack Ryder wins a 10-Man Battle Royal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Zack Ryder earned his chance at ECW gold Tuesday night, besting nine other Extreme Superstars: Tommy Dreamer, Goldust, Tyler Reks, Yoshi Tatsu, Shelton Benjamin, Ezekiel Jackson, Vladimir Kozlov, Paul Burchill and Sheamus. One by one, Ryder watched as his opponents were tossed over the top rope, oftentimes merely staying out of harm's way. But as the final four competitors faced off, Ryder eliminated Goldust to whittle his opponents down to two. Then, Dreamer assisted Kozlov over the ropes, leading to Ryder's chance to capitalize on the situation. The ECW Original's back was turned and Ryder tossed Dreamer over, becoming the new No. 1 contender to the ECW Championship.

With the Zack Pack in his corner, will Ryder become the next ECW Champion? When will he face Captain Charisma for the title?

William Regal def. The Hurricane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two days after his WWE Breaking Point loss to ECW Champion Christian, an angry William Regal demanded a rematch. But ECW General Manager Tiffany denied The British Brawler and explained he wouldn't compete in the main event 10-Man Battle Royal, either. (WATCH) The irate Regal took his frustrations out on his ECW on Syfy opponent, The Hurricane, and earned a victory after pulling the Knee Trembler.

Without warning, the masked Superstar's rival, Paul Burchill, capitalized, brutally attacking him from behind. Later, during a locker room area interview with Savannah, Burchill explained he attacked The Hurricane for putting his sister, Katie Lea, in harm's way the previous week. The Ripper also said he's still determined to prove his theory that The Hurricane and Gregory Helms are the same person.

Will Burchill confirm his suspicions and get revenge on his nemesis? Or will The Hurricane finally put a stop to Burchill's sinister actions in the Land of the Extreme?

Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before winning Tuesday's 10-Man Battle Royal, Zack Ryder's night wasn't exactly an easy ride to No. 1 contendership. The cocky Long Islander rudely interrupted Yoshi Tatsu's English lesson with Goldust, calling him a loser. (WATCH) But the Japanese newcomer got the last laugh during their match. Always staying one step ahead of his opponent, Tatsu impressively earned a victory over the soon-to-be No. 1 contender after hitting him with a high kick to the head.

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