No apologies

No apologies

MINNEAPOLIS -- CM Punk may forgive Elijah Burke for interrupting his discussion with General Manager Armando Estrada to kick off ECW on Sci Fi, but you can be sure he will not forgive the Experience for three disrespectful shoves when it comes time for the two to face at Sunday's pay-per-view. The ECW Champion responded with a Enzuiguri that sent Burke out of the ring via airmail.

Punk continued his sneak preview of Unforgiven in Tuesday night's main event when he and Stevie Richards took on Burke and Kevin Thorn. ECW's self-proclaimed Guiding Light could only look on as his tag team partner fell victim to the Straightedge Superstar's G.T.S. -- sending him snoring toward the nearest coffin. We can only imagine what CM Punk has in store for Burke when he puts his ECW Championship on the line for the first time. Read full story… (WATCH)

Earlier in the night, The Miz earned a dominant win against Tommy Dreamer. Kelly Kelly, though, was the party pooper during his celebration. Extreme Exposé ushered Kelly against her will to and from the ring for his contest. Moments later, Balls Mahoney turned her frown upside down when he gave her a Balls teddy bear. She wished him luck, but unfortunately for the ECW Original, it didn't come through. Mahoney was pitted against Kelly's ex-boyfriend Mike Knox, making his return to ECW on Sci Fi and determined to have a big night. The Miz walked out to observe Mahoney's match and just as Balls caught him, Knox capitalized on his opponent with a devastating kick and a pin. (WATCH)

In other ECW on Sci Fi action, Matt Striker shined in one of the quickest matches in recent ECW history. After rolling up Nunzio for the win, Striker was joined in the ring by his "heavy," Big Daddy V, who was craving some scraps. As he punished Nunzio, Boogeyman appeared on the screen with a rendition of Humpty Dumpty that would leave a grown man scared of the dark. The two monsters will face to settle their rivalry next Tuesday. (WATCH)

Watch two beasts collide on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT and don't miss CM Punk as he puts his gold on the line against Elijah Burke at Unforgiven on Sunday at 8/7 CT only on pay-per-view.

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