Magnet mouths off

Magnet mouths off

It's very difficult to argue with self-proclaimed chick magnet The Miz about his way with the ladies. Not just flanked, but encircled by a threesome of the Sexiest Women on Television in Extreme Exposé, The Miz seems to attract the planet's hottest Divas to his side.

But what is it exactly that lures ladies to the faux-hawked Superstar like mesmerized moths to an incandescent flame on a balmy summer night? ECW's self-certified chick magnet provided the answer and also explained the polarity between himself and a "chick repellant" by the name of Balls Mahoney. (Check out the more visual Balls breakdown, as told by The Miz.)

"Look at me: I shop at Melrose every day," The Miz explained. "I get the latest fashion tips, the latest things. I smell good and I look good…then look at Balls Mahoney. He has terrible hair and terrible hygiene. This is why women want me and he repels women."

According to The Miz, his favorable scent and fashion sense have not only been ample bait for Layla, Brooke and Kelly Kelly, but also hordes of women outside the realm of sports-entertainment.

"Why all the attention from women?" he posed. "It's because wherever I go, I don't walk in with a bunch of dudes; I walk in with girls. When I do that, other girls see that and they want to be a part of it. They want to be a part of that attention."

The object of Extreme Exposé's apparent affection assured his "game" even in the most challenging, competitive setting for male-female interaction — a club.

"When I walk into a club, women flock to me," Miz claimed. "And if they don't, I can go up to any girl, talk to her, have a decent conversation for 15 to 20 minutes and then seduce her. Just like that, she'll end up liking me."

Making quite a hefty guarantee, The Miz had another assurance in Balls' lack of success with meeting women in the club scene (in the event, of course, that Mahoney would ever decide to ditch his overtly torn denim for a modern fit collared shirt).

"Women love me and men want to be me," assured the ECW Superstar. Unlike me, if Balls walks into a club -- and I say ‘if,' because it's questionable as to whether or not he can even get into a club -- he'd make an instant fool of himself. The ladies might flock, but in the other direction."

Though Miz's argument would imply otherwise, it seems that Balls didn't need to step foot inside a club to meet himself a lovely lady. There is at least one female who has demonstrated an undeniable fondness for the gap-toothed ECW Original: Kelly Kelly. ECW's own blond bombshell is clearly beginning to be magnetically pulled by another force in the Land of the Extreme.

The chick magnet might claim that women love him and men want to be him, but what if someone from his own entourage somehow found herself enamored with another man, let alone his rival? How is that even possible? More importantly, what is it about Balls that might have caught the beautiful eye of the dance stepping Diva? Until we hear from Kelly Kelly herself, that question lingers as their relationship continues to bud each week on ECW on Sci Fi.

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