Sacrificial lamb?

Tuesday night, Paul Heyman will be stepping into the lions' den. After weeks of trying to keep Sabu out of the ring with ECW World Champion Big Show, it is now Heyman who will do battle with the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Extremist. But this won't just be any match; this will be Sabu's specialty, an Extreme Rules Match.

So, if Heyman has tried to keep his champion away from Sabu, why would he step into the ring himself? For ECW's self-proclaimed Messiah, it's simply a matter of righting his own wrong.

"This entire situation with Sabu is my fault…I am man enough to take care of the problem that I should have nipped in the bud to begin with," Heyman told "It was a mistake to bring back Sabu; it was a mistake to renew my relationship with this man. He is my creation; Sabu was a freak show in Japan, carved up by barbed wire…the epitome of a garbage wrestler when I risked everything in September, 1993 to bring him into ECW and build the company around him. I risked our launch, I risked my fortune, I risked the entire concept of ECW on my belief in Sabu, and he owes me for that."

In fact, Heyman considers himself like Dr. Frankenstein, who must destroy the monster he has created.

"I made Sabu a worldwide commodity known across the globe, famous beyond his wildest imagination. But instead of being grateful and appreciative of me and supporting Big Show's reign, Sabu had to come at me with his selfishness," Heyman screamed. "Well he's my monster, and Dr. Frankenstein has to be the one to slay his own monster. I have no other choice as a man but to step into the ring and take care of a mistake that I clearly made several months ago when I brought Sabu back into global prominence."

Regardless of his bravado, Heyman has to be afraid of what might happen to him; if he feared for the 7-foot, 507-pound Big Show's safety, his own could be in severe jeopardy. However, he told that he hopes the ends will justify the means.

"I am a martyr. I have bled for ECW, I have damn near died for ECW…and if that's what it takes to rid ECW of Sabu, then I will lay my life on the line for the promotion that has resurrected from the ashes named Extreme Championship Wrestling."

Sabu, on the other hand, is salivating at the opportunity to get Heyman into the ring, and said that everything Heyman had to say was false.

"F*(k Paul Heyman! This is what he wants, this is what he gets. He thinks he's going to step into the ring with me? Is he joking?" Sabu screamed. "I am Sabu. Paul Heyman didn't make me; my uncle trained me, and I made my own sacrifices. I never asked anyone in the audience to accept me; I earned their respect, and I earned my relationship with the ECW fans because I made my sacrifices. I'm proud of my scars; every scar on my body is a badge of honor. Heyman didn't make me, the ECW audience did. And if Heyman wants to step into the ring with me, I am going to deliver a beating to Paul Heyman. A merciless, extreme beating like he has never suffered in his life. I'm going to make him suffer."

It's obvious that Sabu is looking forward to this match, but oddly, it seems that Heyman is as well. In nearly a decade of being associated with ECW, Paul Heyman has never stepped inside the ring. There's a first time for everything…but will Paul Heyman survive?

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