Trek to Unforgiven

Trek to Unforgiven

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Tonight in the the Land of the Extreme, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Chavo Guerrero and Finlay all qualified to face ECW Champion Mark Henry in an ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. Unforgiven preview …

Hardy earns first bid
In the first ECW Championship Scramble Qualifying Match of the night, Matt Hardy took on past ECW Champion John Morrison. Exhibiting great tenacity, Hardy pushed the Tuesday Night Delight to his limit in a back-and-forth battle, featuring multiple near pinfalls from both Superstars. In the end, though, Hardy was able to stop Morrison's signature Moonlight Drive to deliver a hard-hitting Twist of Fate and pick up the win. The victory gives Hardy an opportunity at the ECW Championship -- a title he has never held.

Singles success
After enjoying tag team success with John Morrison, The Miz has been looking to make a mark on the singles scene. Tonight, he faced a formidable opponent in Evan Bourne, who has never been pinned on ECW. Using an aggressive offense, The Miz was able to prevent Bourne from engaging in his signature high-flying maneuvers. The strategy paid off for The Miz, who was able to stun the newcomer with a Reality Check and pinfall.

Battle of the former champions
The third ECW Championship Scramble Qualifying Match of the night pitted Tommy Dreamer against Chavo Guerrero -- both former ECW Champions. The opportunity for championship gold doesn't come often, and both veterans knew that going into the match. In the end, it was the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" who earned his chance for the title at Unforgiven by defeating the ECW Original with a Frog Splash.

Second chance
Last week on SmackDown, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay to qualify for the WWE Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. But tonight, Finlay received a second chance at gold when he faced Mike Knox in the final ECW Championship Scramble Qualifying Match. At odds for weeks, the two engaged in a knock-down, drag-out brawl.

In the end, though, it turned out to be Finlay's son, Hornswoggle, who was the difference maker in the match. The pint-sized prankster handed his father a shillelagh, which the Belfast Brawler used to go after Knox. But Knox was able to fend off Finlay with a kick to the gut and prevent being clobbered. The ref took the shillelagh from Finlay, but Hornswoggle had a back-up plan -- a second shillelagh. This time, his father used it to take Knox out, and simultaneously earn the final spot in the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.

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