Regal's second chance

Regal's second chance

PHOENIX - William Regal earned another chance at the ECW Championship Tuesday night with a victory over Christian. But The British Brawler's victory came thanks in part to his devious associates, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov.

William Regal def. ECW Champion Christian (Non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
William Regal bragged to Captain Charisma and the WWE Universe that it was he who united the two unstoppable physical specimens, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. (WATCH) Rather than letting them continue their game of one-upmanship week after week, Regal united the Guyanese Superstar and the Russian Sambo Master with himself, and Englishman, forming a diverse trio he said cannot be stopped. And while two days earlier Christian defeated Regal in a record-shattering eight seconds at SummerSlam to retain his ECW Championship, Tuesday night on ECW on Syfy, Captain Charisma fell to the angry, aggressive British Brawler.

While Regal's associates watched the match from ringside, Christian slapped Kozlov and returned to the ring, ready to hit Regal with the Killswitch. But Regal countered and tossed Captain Charisma into Kozlov, who was waiting with a vicious headbutt which nearly knocked the ECW Champion to the mat. The British Brawler capitalized on his competitor's state and hit him with a running Knee Trembler, earning him the win.

With this victory, Regal secures another ECW Championship Match. When will the No. 1 contender have his chance at Christian's Extreme gold? And how will Jackson and Kozlov factor into Regal's plot to become ECW Champion?

Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu def. Shelton Benjamin & Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just who is the more entertaining Superstar -- Shelton Benjamin or Zack Ryder? The Gold Standard was showing off his impersonation skills to The Bella Twins when Ryder interrupted. These two enemies weren't able to put their differences aside for an evening when they met Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu in tag team action.

While Reks hails from the sunny shores of California and Tatsu is from across the Pacific and the Land of the Rising Sun, these athletes who arrived in the Land of the Extreme via ECW's New Superstar Initiative have the same will to win. After Benjamin & Ryder failed to work well together as a tag team, they lost when Tatsu hit Ryder with a high kick and got the pinfall. After the match, a frustrated Benjamin hit Paydirt on his fallen partner. What's next for the dynamic duo of Reks & Tatsu? And will Benjamin & Ryder continue on their quest to determine which is more entertaining?

Goldust vs. Sheamus (Double count-out) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The ongoing rivalry between Goldust and Sheamus intensified this week when they met again in Extreme action. But these Superstars' differences still haven't been resolved, as their hard-fought contest ended in a double count-out when neither competitor returned to the ring before the referee's 10-count. How will The Bizarre One and The Celtic Warrior seek revenge on one another next?

A Hurricane hits "WWE Superstars" (WATCH)
WWE Universe: Don't forget to tune into "WWE Superstars" on WGN America Thursday night at 8/7 CT to see superhero Superstar Hurricane meet his nemesis, Paul Burchill.

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