Heyman change of heart?

ECW World Champion Big Show will barely have time to catch his breath after his victory at SummerSlam, as the ECW World Champion will have to face Sabu again this Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi.

"In ECW's continuing efforts to bring its audience the best main events, most exciting title matches and highest possible quality action, despite my own personal feelings and even against my better business judgment, I am allowing this match to take place tomorrow night on ECW," Heyman said in a statement to ECW.com.

Heyman has been very public about not wanting his champion to face Sabu, claiming he did not want to subject Big Show to the risks and brutality Sabu built his career on. For weeks, Heyman denied the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac's requests for a chance at the ECW World Title. The only way Sabu got to face the extreme giant at the summer spectacular was through some quick thinking and maneuvering to grab the SummerSlam contract in last week's Ladder Match after Big Show stormed in on a mission to get the contract himself, saving him from having to face anyone.

Many have wondered why Heyman would allow the two to face now after being so vehemently against it in the past.

"I am jeopardizing Big Show's title reign, there's no doubt," said Heyman. "And yet in the mood that Big Show is in having to face Sabu again, I dare say Sabu's entire career may be in jeopardy during the course of this match."

Has Heyman completely changed his tune just because Big Show defeated Sabu at SummerSlam? Some within the company think that there is more to the story, and that ECW's self-proclaimed Messiah plans to punish Sabu for taking matters into his own hands over the last several weeks when he repeatedly attacked Big Show after being denied a match against the champ.

Unfortunately, no one would go on the record out of fear of retribution, but many cited the continued beating and harassment of Tommy Dreamer by Heyman's Private Security Force and disciples as reason why they felt Sabu was in jeopardy. They felt Heyman had been punishing Dreamer for questioning him about the suspension of Rob Van Dam.

Anonymous sources claim the erratic leader was far more upset about Sabu's actions than Dreamer's mere words, and many feel Heyman has turned on the guys that built the brand into the cult phenomenon that it is. They fear Sabu will be the newest victim in Heyman's death march to ECW supremacy.

What should be an exciting and happy time for ECW to celebrate its successful debut at SummerSlam is marred with tension, distrust and animosity. With so many rumors flying around, no one will really know what is in store for Tuesday until it happens live on Sci Fi.

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