Strange days over?

Strange days over?

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Heading into ECW on Sci Fi this week, it appeared SummerSlam could be the end for ECW Champion John Morrison. Nothing had been going right for weeks, capped off with a loss to his arch-nemesis and pay-per-view opponent CM Punk in tag team action at Saturday Night's Main Event. Morrison & The Miz, however, notched a win against the Straightedge Superstar with Boogeyman when Morrison got the three-count on Punk. The win could be a resurrection of sorts for the titleholder, who was searching for inspiration as the Biggest Party of the Summer quickly approaches. Our fans will learn Sunday if this is an awakening or if the third time is not a charm for the ECW Champion when Morrison and Punk square off once more for the gold. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

While Tuesday night ended with a crash of lightning, a roll of thunder started the evening as Big Daddy V stomped into the ring to take on Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match. Much to the ECW Original's disappointment, Matt Striker's protégé beat Dreamer at his own game. Absolutely nothing has slowed down the monstrous student, and despite having as much experience as any other ECW Superstar, Dreamer was another name to add to the beast's menu.

Another ECW Original had a much better night. Balls Mahoney may have earned three wins on ECW on Sci Fi if the cards fall the way he wants them to. Mahoney got the better of Elijah Burke after having struggled against the cocky Superstar ever since the self-proclaimed Guiding Light of ECW joined Tuesday night's roster.

Just earlier, the Chair-Swinging Freak learned he could very well be Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son. If being in that position wasn't enough good news for the ECW Original, an unusually nice Miz told him Kelly might go out with him if he is in fact a McMahon. Kelly didn't answer, but they locked eyes and smiled as she parted. (WATCH)

Do the results foreshadow a rising of ECW's king, or are Morrison's days as champion truly over? Find out at SummerSlam on Sunday at 8/7 CT only on pay-per-view, and don't forget to see what develops on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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