Overcoming obstacles on the road to SummerSlam

Overcoming obstacles on the road to SummerSlam

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- This past week on ECW, ECW Champion John Morrison and his SummerSlam opponent, CM Punk, ran into two giant obstacles -- Big Daddy V and Boogeyman, respectively. Both Superstars suffered losses to two of the biggest competitors to hit Tuesday nights on Sci Fi; more importantly, however, they may have lost their focus as they head toward the Biggest Party of the Summer.

Not long after ECW's new General Manager, Armando Estrada, made his debut Tuesday night, he ordered Punk to face Big Daddy V, and Morrison to meet Boogeyman. Despite a monumental size difference, the Straightedge Superstar held his own against an opponent who's more immovable object than man, until Big Daddy V forced a head-on collision with the ECW announcers' table that left Punk laid out and counted out. Morrison, meanwhile, appeared to gain the upper hand over his foe from the Bottomless Pit, but then his overly-aggressive instincts got the better of him; when the referee tried to break up a melee on the ropes, the champion shoved the official, prompting a disqualification -- and quite nearly a worming from the rallying Boogeyman.

Considering that neither Punk nor Morrison outright lost this past Tuesday, it's easy to see why they are worthy of the Extreme labels champion and challenger. Still, with less than two weeks to go before they face each other for the ECW Title at SummerSlam, it's possible that they're looking too far ahead of themselves. Fortunately, both men have an opportunity to regain some perspective this weekend at Saturday Night's Main Event, when Punk joins forces with Boogeyman in tag team action against Morrison and Big Daddy V.

Regardless of Tuesday's outcome, the steadfast Straightedge Superstar refuses to be fazed by a count-out loss to the 485-pound ECW Superstar. "In my life, things always get worse, right before they get better," Punk told WWE.com. "Obviously, Big Daddy V is a world beater. But in my opinion, so am I. So I liked the challenge, I definitely did. But now I'm looking toward the future."

Even while he's thinking future, however, Punk intends to maintain his current game plan. Since beating Morrison in his 15 Minutes of Fame open challenge, Punk told WWE.com his confidence has not wavered.

"I haven't really changed my strategy, I've just been training a lot harder, obviously, I think, a lot harder than Morrison trains," he said. "He brags about his lifestyle and how he likes to party and all that other stuff, so maybe he should do a little bit less of that and concentrate on me more."

Punk insists that his eyes are focused solely on the prize -- winning Saturday Night's Main Event tag match, and using that momentum to capture the ECW Championship from Morrison next Sunday at SummerSlam.

"I've had challenges my entire life that I've overcome. To me this is just another fight. It's just another guy. While I may have lost my match against Big Daddy V on ECW, I'm not panicked," Punk said with determination. "Ultimately, I have to worry about defeating John Morrison at SummerSlam so I can finally call the ECW Championship mine."

Will Punk remain on target when it comes to Morrison? Tune in to Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC this Saturday, 11:30/10:30 CT, then watch the fallout on ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday night at 10/9 CT. Watch Punk face Morrison for the ECW Championship Sunday, Aug. 26, on SummerSlam, only on pay-per-view.

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