Estrada ushers in a new ECW

Estrada ushers in a new ECW

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- The beginning of ECW on Sci Fi marked a new beginning for the ECW brand as our fans were introduced to Tuesday night's new General Manager, Armando Estrada.

"My plans for the future of the new ECW -- that's the key, amigo, the new ECW -- is to make it the number one brand in WWE," said Estrada. "The new ECW reigns supreme."

Estrada wasted no time making waves, setting up matches that left both the ECW Champion and his SummerSlam opponent battered and bruised.

"The Land of Extreme needed leadership. The Land of Extreme needed guidance. The Land of Extreme needed Armando Estrada to steer the hardcore vehicle in the right direction to the promised land."

The ECW General Manager explained that he possesses the best attributes and the tools to be better than "peanut head" Theodore Long and Jonathan Coachman [when he was Acting Raw GM]. While Estrada is confident enough in himself and in WWE's decision to appoint him to the new role, not all ECW Superstars feel the same way.

"He's just an extremely shady individual," said a banged up CM Punk. "I think ECW just got a whole lot worse for guys like Tommy Dreamer and myself."

Shady seemed to be the word of the night in the ECW locker room as Superstars discussed the man who will now determine their in-ring fate.

"As of right this very second, I'm indecisive about Armando Estrada," Dreamer said. "He is a very shady man."

Dreamer figures Estrada will be like every other general manager he's known, with exception to Long, in that he will just be out for himself. "I'm sure he'll be an extreme dictator."

Not everyone is upset with the decision, however. Elijah Burke is excited to experience the new direction of the brand.

"If my dear friend Vince -- as I know him, but you all know him as Mr. McMahon -- has enough confidence in Armando Estrada to give him complete control of ECW, then I have confidence in him," he said.

Layla admitted she didn't know if Estrada would bring good or bad, but she was sure that whatever he brings will be exciting to watch.

"Our fans can expect nothing but great things," the new General Manager assured. "Entertaining television, great pay-per-views and above all, me, Armando Estrada."

He also anticipates new fans, as his friends in Havana are sure to be using tin foil to get illegal cable for the opportunity to watch the change of direction in action.

"I believe that Estrada has the background and experience," said Matt Striker. "One thing that he has that I admire is wit. I firmily believe in him and I stand behind him. His fashion sense leaves much to be desired, but he has that evil genius -- that mind -- that I believe is going to work in favor of many of the Superstars here in ECW."

Still, while Striker and other Superstars respect their new leader, it remains to be seen if they will change any agendas on his account.

"How is he going to affect me and my heavy -- no pun intended -- in Big Daddy V? It's not, because we do what we want, when we want. And that is your lesson from me, Matt Striker, your teacher."

Whether our fans and Superstars are welcoming the new General Manager with open arms like Burke's or waiting for a chair shot opportunity in the ring like Balls Mahoney, Armando Estrada is here to stay.

"It feels great to be the first Cuban-American in the history of sports-entertainment to lead a brand such as ECW," he said. "Uncle Fidel would be proud."

Don't miss Estrada's new ECW as his leadership continues on ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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