Extreme betrayal

Extreme betrayal

On the most recent ECW on Syfy, ECW Champion Christian was set to meet his SummerSlam opponent, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov in tag team action. Captain Charisma was feeling confident going into the match, as his longtime friend Tommy Dreamer was to compete by his side. But when The British Brawler & The Moscow Mauler brutally attacked the ECW Original backstage, Christian was forced to find a new partner for ECW's main event.

The ECW Champion found what looked to be an ace in the hole when he brought out powerhouse Superstar, Ezekiel Jackson. But when the massive competitor rushed into the ring, it wasn't to attack Regal or Kozlov, but rather to show up The Moscow Mauler by leveling his partner, Christian. Through Jackson's betrayal, No. 1 contender Regal was able to pin Captain Charisma, gaining momentum heading into SummerSlam.

While Jackson turning on Christian was as shocking and brutal as anything ECW fans have seen on the program, it's also one in a long line of cruel betrayals in WWE. To learn more about these traitorous acts, check out WWE's Hardest Hitting Betrayals.

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