Sabu steals the show

ECW's Main Event on Tuesday was full of unexpected surprises. The Triple Threat Ladder Match lost a participant and after weeks of suffering Sabu's surprise attacks, Big Show inadvertently helped the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac win a chance at him and his ECW World Title at SummerSlam.

The main event became a Ladder Match between Sabu and Rob Van Dam after Paul Heyman announced that Kurt Angle would not be able to compete due to a groin injury he received last week. Although Angle had been trying to keep the injury a secret, Heyman said, "I have to protect Kurt Angle from himself."

Sabu and RVD showed that each would do anything to win the match for a chance at the ECW World Title and put their bodies on the line. RVD took a breathtaking leap for the contract dangling above the ring from the top of the turnbuckle, but came up short and Sabu almost broke his opponent's neck when he gave him an Arabian Face Buster on the steel ladder.

After several failed attempts to make it to the top of the ladder, RVD looked like he had the match won. With the contract just inches away from his fingers, and Sabu nowhere to be seen, Big Show ran in, pulled him off the ladder, and slammed him through a ringside table.

The ECW World Champion then ordered the contract to be lowered to him. It became clear that Big Show and Heyman had a plan in place to get Big Show out of defending the ECW World Title at SummerSlam. Heyman had already taken Angle out of the equation, and now Big Show looked primed to take out RVD and Sabu and retrieve the SummerSlam contract for himself.

But Sabu jumped on him from the top rope. Big Show caught him by the legs and was poised to hit Sabu with a power bomb. Sabu was able to keep his focus, though, and grabbed the contract while he was up in the air before Big Show brought him crashing to the ground, winning the match and an opportunity at Big Show and the ECW World Title at SummerSlam.

Big Show, furious that he was not able to stop Sabu, picked him and and gave him a thunderous chokeslam. The champ then went over to RVD, dragged him into the ring and gave him a devastating chokeslam as well. But through the pain, Sabu was still clutching the contract he sacrificed his body for.

Right before the match, Heyman was seen talking with Big Show and his Private Security Force when out of nowhere, Kurt Angle attacked them and brutalized Heyman's goons. Obviously beyond enraged about being put on medical suspension, Angle then attacked Big Show, but a mob of police officers came running up and took the Olympic Gold Medalist down. Undeterred, Angle gave Big Show a headbutt to the chest as he was taken away in handcuffs and Heyman yelled out, "I'm going to crucify you!"

Earlier in the evening, Tuesday night kicked off with Hardcore Legend Mick Foley in the ring saying that Ric Flair would not be able to accept his invitation to the show because he was home recuperating from the beating Foley gave him Monday on RAW. Foley took the opportunity to say that he has never quit because he would think less of himself if he did. Foley went on to send a message to Flair to bring his "A" game to SummerSlam, but vowed that he would win because the letters "I q u i t" are not in his vocabulary.

Foley then told the ECW fans that he would live up to his promise and do something extreme; something he had never done before, and he asked Kelly Kelly and RAW's Melina to join him. The gorgeous ladies came out and Foley said that they were going to do an ECW original: a Three Way Dance. But instead of the bell ringing and the three beating the hell out of each other as most ECW fans are accustom to with a Three Way Dance, the sound of music hit the air and the three literally danced.

Some of the dancing was sexy, some of it was awkward, and okay, some of it was down right goofy, but before they could finish, the "Nature Boy" came running out. After hitting Foley with two low blows and throwing him into the stairs, he took his belt and choked Foley who had blood spewing from his mouth. Flair grabbed the microphone and told the Hardcore Legend that he would make him quit at SummerSlam before storming off.

Later that night, Mike Knox and partner Test made quick work of Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke from the FBI when they faced each other in a tag team match. After a hefty beating, Test won the match when he hit Mamaluke with a spinning neck breaker for the pinfall.

Knox and Test celebrated their victory, but not for long. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman - with his trusty Singapore cane - crashed the party and ran them out of the ring. The ecstatic crowd cheered "ECW" when they saw the ECW originals. Sandman took several swings with his cane, but could not reach them. Knox and Test retreated to the back, with Knox holding his girlfriend Kelly Kelly in front of him the whole time as a human shield.

CM Punk defeated Justin Credible in their rematch after he claimed Punk's victory over him two weeks ago was a fluke. Punk is not only drug and alcohol free, but his win Tuesday night keeps him loss free as well. Much like in his ECW debut, Punk showed off his Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai skills as he hit Credible with several impressive punches and flying kicks. In the end, Credible tapped out when Punk got him in an Anaconda Vice submission hold.

ECW fans caught another glimpse of Shannon Moore this week, who had this message: "Question Authority."

Rene Dupree also made an appearance, and took a moment from his photoshoot to share a message as well.

"I'm the most beautiful man in sports-entertainment," said Dupree. "But I'm going to prove to everyone that I'm the most hardcore wrestler to step in the ring."

With so many surprises on Tuesday's show, who knows what will be in store when Sabu faces Big Show in ECW's debut at SummerSlam Aug. 20? Find out live and only on pay-per-view.

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