Manhandling the Extreme

Manhandling the Extreme
UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- On a night when Armando Estrada became the first Cuban-American General Manager in sports-entertainment history, the eccentric Estrada showed he is indeed capable of ruling over the Land of Extreme. The new ECW GM oversaw the contract signing between ECW Champion John Morrison and CM Punk and then ordered the two men into separate action. Morrison took on Boogeyman and the Straightedge Superstar took on Big Daddy V. Read the whole story…
While Punk's night was over after the beating he took, Big Daddy V was just warming up. Later in the night, ECW's bully decimated Tommy Dreamer in one-on-one action. Dreamer had requested of Estrada to be first in line to challenge the winner of the SummerSlam encounter between ECW Champion John Morrison and CM Punk, but ECW's General Manager told Dreamer he believed he was lazy. In an effort to prove himself, Dreamer sprinted his way to the ring, only to be flattened by Big Daddy V.
Mirroring Big Daddy V's impressive streak, Steven Richards looked to continue his winning ways against Kevin Thorn. After two impressive victories over Thorn in recent weeks, Richards was hoping to make it three in a row against the vamp Superstar. Thorn had other plans and finally picked up a victory against Richards. But the angry Thorn continued to unleash his fury on Richards, forcing the referee to reverse his decision and award the contest to Steven Richards.
Balls Mahoney's interactions with Kelly Kelly continued this week on ECW on Sci Fi, and the ECW Original seems to have sparked a friendship with one of the Sexiest Women on Television, much to the disgust of The Miz, Layla and Brooke.
Speaking of romance, the search for the illegitimate child of Mr. McMahon found its way to ECW. Elijah Burke discussed the possibility that he is a McMahon with Jonathan Coachman. Is it possible that many years ago Mr. McMahon had an encounter that led to his siring an Extreme bastard?

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