ECW has a new, Extreme GM

ECW has a new, Extreme GM

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- There's a new General Manager in the Land of Extreme. Under orders from Mr. McMahon, his Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman named Armando Estrada ECW's new GM at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Armando Estrada, but you people can refer to me as the new ECW General Manager," he announced. "You can refer to me as the Hardcore dictator… el comandante. Whatever you call me, everyone will know me as Extreme!"

Estrada kicked off his tenure by promoting his first ECW Championship match with a contract signing by ECW Champ John Morrison and his SummerSlam opponent, CM Punk.

After introducing the self-proclaimed Guru of Greatness and the Straightedge Superstar, the SummerSlam opponents traded barbs and signed the contract, but Estrada had an Extreme surprise for them.

"Tonight you're both going to be in competition, only it's not going to be against one another," Estrada explained. "John Morrison, tonight you go one-on-one with Boogeyman. As for you, CM Punk, I hope you're ready, amigo, because your match is up next and you're facing none other than Big Daddy V."

Estrada's double main event shook things up in the Land of Extreme. First, CM Punk faced Big Daddy V, and the Straightedge Superstar was tossed around the ECW ring like a ragdoll. Big Daddy V beat Punk by count-out after Punk crashed into the announce table and remained writhing around the floor in pain. Big Daddy V has been demolishing his opponents on ECW lately, sometimes as many as three at once. Clearly, Big Daddy V has been the biggest obstacle Punk has ever encountered in ECW.

Later, ECW Champion John Morrison faced Boogeyman. Morrison was disqualified for shoving the referee, and nearly was wormed by his opponent from the Bottomless Pit. Now, the ECW Champion has lost two matches in a row, as he was defeated last week by Punk during the 15 Minutes of Fame challenge.

CM Punk and ECW Champion John Morrison faced daunting challenges on ECW this week, but the most meaningful test will come on Aug. 26 at SummerSlam in East Rutherford, N.J., when they will battle each other. Until then, will ECW's new GM, Armando Estrada, have any other tricks hidden up his sleeve for Punk and Morrison?

Also, don't miss Morrison and Big Daddy V teaming up to face Punk and Boogeyman this Saturday at Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET. Who will come out on top?

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