CM Punk breaks on through

CM Punk breaks on through

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Fame is CM Punk's… for now. One week after defeating both Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke in a Triple Threat Match for the opportunity, CM Punk not only lasted 15 minutes in John Morrison's 15 Minutes of Fame challenge, but also managed to pin the ECW Champion. Morrison has withstood the Straightedge Superstar in two championship bouts already; is the third time a charm or a curse? (WATCH) Read more on this story…

Three wasn't lucky for Stevie Richards, who fell victim to ECW's top vampire enthusiast. As the ECW Original talked to Joey Styles and Tazz about his consecutive wins, he and his winning ways were cut short when Kevin Thorn attacked him in the locker room area. Thorn fled like a bat out of hell, leaving Richards in a sea of people trying to help him recover. (WATCH)

Richards wasn't the only Superstar to experience a scary attack. Boogeyman kicked off ECW on Sci Fi with a quick victory. His celebration was even quicker, as Big Daddy V surprised the worm aficionado from behind, flattening the monster. Big Daddy V's teacher, Matt Striker, looked on proudly as his pupil got revenge for being spooked by Boogeyman in the last few weeks. (WATCH)

The Miz extended his win streak to three when he pinned ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Despite his win in the ring, he might be feeling some loss in Kelly Kelly, who shared a moment with the Chair Swinging Freak. Has his luck run its course with Extreme Exposé?

In other ECW on Sci Fi action, Elijah Burke taught a lesson to ECW Original Tommy Dreamer, earning some redemption from being pinned in last week's Triple Threat Match.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with Morrison and Punk's rivalry for the gold and other developments with ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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