The Dirt Spat

The Dirt Spat

ATLANTA -- The groundbreaking sensation, "The Dirt Sheet," made history once again by broadcasting for the first time live on ECW on Sci Fi. In honor of the monumental occasion, co-hosts John Morrison & The Miz welcomed none other than ECW Champion Mark Henry -- accompanied by Tony Atlas -- and No. 1 contender for the ECW Title, Matt Hardy.

However, when the former WWE Tag Team Champions tried to mince more than just words with Henry's Extreme challenger, Hardy was more than happy to retaliate. And just when it looked like the excitement could grow no bigger, Morrison accidentally punched Henry, causing The World's Strongest Champion to temporarily align himself with his SummerSlam opponent in order to take out both of the outspoken "Dirt Sheet" stars. (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, Mike Knox continued to antagonize Finlay, this time with a verbal assault indicating that the man who loves to fight had become nothing more than a joke since teaming with his son, Hornswoggle. But when the Belfast brawler came out to the squared circle to personally answer his charges -- even going so far as to turn his back to give his adversary a free chance to attack -- Knox, at least for the moment, decided to change his tune, leaving the ring while staring down Finlay and his son.

In a match that ECW General Manager Theodore Long deemed his final opportunity for ECW superstardom, Armando Estrada finally earned an ECW contract by defeating Tommy Dreamer. The controversial victory came after the ECW Original's former protégé, Colin Delaney, ran to the ring to distract his former mentor. As a result of Delaney's ringside antics, GM Long decided to place him in an Extreme Rules Match against Dreamer next week. (WATCH)

In other ECW action, a very solid Braden Walker -- who came to ECW as part of GM Long's New Superstar Initiative -- continued to make an impact in the Land of the Extreme by conquering another capable newcomer, James Curtis.

After last week's post-match attack on Ricky Ortiz, swift justice was served to Chavo Guerrero & his bodyguard, Bam Neely, in Extreme tag team action. The explosive combination of Ortiz and the high-flying Evan Bourne reigned supreme over Guerrero & Neely in a whirlwind contest. The two ECW newcomers proved to be in complete sync as a tag team, as Ortiz disposed of the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior," allowing Bourne to roll up Neely to pick up the big win for the young Superstars.

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