Sabu strikes again

For the second week in a row, Sabu made a statement without saying a word.

Paul Heyman again denied Sabu's request for a match against ECW Champion Big Show, so the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac again answered by attacking Big Show in front of the rabid audience at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Earlier in the night, Sabu confronted Heyman and again told him he wanted a match against Big Show, but Heyman said that would never happen.

"Big Show is ECW Champion now," said Heyman. "That's a long term investment for us. You're all scarred up because you'll do anything to win. I can't subject Big Show to that." He went on to ask Sabu to leave the arena or he would be forced to have him escorted out.

When it came time for the main event, Batista looked like a formidable opponent for the extreme giant. The Animal unleashed some of his pent up aggression, but Big Show responded with his own extreme strength.

Both men traded huge blows throughout the course of the match, but it seemed neither could get the advantage. Big Show became frustrated when Batista kicked out of a pinfall attempt after a thunderous chokeslam, as it seemed nothing would take down The Animal; as a result, Big Show grabbed his ECW Championship and clocked Batista over the head with it, drawing a disqualification. Big Show didn't seem to mind, though, and he continued his assault by striking Batista out of the ring.

While the giant was celebrating his victory, Sabu ran to the ring and hit the champ with a chair. The crowd exploded with cheers as Sabu ran to grab another chair, which he used to hit Big Show with an Atomic Arabian Facebuster, knocking him to the apron. As Big Show tried to make it to his feet, he was hit with another chair to the face, sending him flying off the apron and through a ringside table.

The sold-out crowd reached a fever pitch, as they could not believe what they just saw. Even though he has the support of the fans, Sabu should be careful; will Heyman look to do to him what he's done to other Extremists that have gone against ECW's messiah?
Another target of Heyman's, Tommy Dreamer, teamed up with fellow ECW original Sandman to take on Test and Mike Knox in an Extreme Rules Match. When Dreamer and Sandman started pulling weapons out from under the ring, the crowd loudly chanted "we want tables." Not ones to disappoint the fans, Dreamer and Sandman did one better by pulling out barbed wire boards, which the crowd appreciated.

Just as Dreamer and Sandman were about to catapult Knox into the barbed wire, Test caned Dreamer in the head, busting him wide open. Eventually Sandman chased Knox out of the arena, leaving Dreamer and Kelly Kelly alone in the ring. The fans wanted to see a return of Kelly's Exposé, but Dreamer put Kelly over his knee, pulled up her skirt and proceeded to spank her to the delight of the raucous crowd.

The fans' fun quickly ended though, as Heyman's private security guards stormed the ring and beat the hell out of Dreamer. The angry crowd screamed "you sold out" at Heyman, who responded with a martyr pose before ordering the guards to throw Dreamer into the barbed wire board. Dreamer screamed in agony before Test came back to throw him into the twisted mess again and pin him for the win. Will this be enough punishment to satisfy Heyman? Only time will tell.

CM Punk made his highly anticipated ECW debut, and he was greeted by many pro-Punk signs and raised crossed fists. Before the match, the straight-edge Extremist said that he was disciplined enough to quell his passion for competition before the battle and then release it in combat. Punk must have done a lot of quelling before the match, because he was able to defeat former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible.

In the match, Punk showed off the Jujitsu and Muay Thai style that he is famous for with several powerful kicks and an amazing flying knee. Punk then finished off Credible with a Guillotine choke/Keylock combo submission hold, and the crowd cheered in approval for the new Extremist.

Showing his extreme intensity, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle made light work of the Brooklyn Brawler as well. The Brawler made a statement before the match claiming to be "too extreme for RAW and too hardcore for SmackDown," saying he felt right at home in ECW.

Angle came out and immediately slapped the Ankle Lock on him, but the Brawler was able to get to the ropes and get out of it. The Brawler proceeded to get in Angle's face and even gave him a healthy shove; Angle wasn't having it, so he struck him down with a fierce headbutt and applied the Ankle Lock again. This time, Brawler tapped out almost immediately.

"The Reject" Shannon Moore was also seen again this week. This time Moore and his trademark Mohawk were hanging out on the subway. Meanwhile, Ariel and her vampire friend Kevin Thorn were also seen hanging out in an alley, and Thorn passed along this message:

"In the dark, in the light, I am Kevin Thorn and the blood of ECW will be mine."

There certainly was plenty of blood shed at Hammerstein Ballroom, but with the chaos abounding in the land of extreme, one can only wonder if there is more to come.

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