SmackDown's Animal gets extreme

This Tuesday night, ECW invades the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. And in the main event, the Animal will get extreme, as SmackDown’s Batista will challenge ECW World Champion Big Show for the gold.

The match was made on SmackDown this past Friday Night. Paul Heyman entered Theodore Long’s office to question him about putting Big Show in the Punjabi Prison Match at The Great American Bash. However, Heyman had an offer; since Long used his jurisdiction at the Bash, Heyman told SmackDown’s General Manager to come to his jurisdiction…and bring someone to compete with Big Show. Long agreed and knew just who to bring, telling Heyman it would be the Animal Batista. With that, a match many would consider a “Dream Match” was made.

Since winning the ECW World Title on July 4, Big Show has put down all comers from every brand; from Ric Flair to Undertaker to Kane, the ECW Champion has been successful every time someone has stepped up to challenge him for the gold.

But now, he will face a man who has six months of pent-up aggression and rage to blow off. Anyone who saw what Batista did to Mr. Kennedy at The Great American Bash knows that the Animal is still hungry, and with the ECW Championship on the line Tuesday night, Batista will certainly step up his intensity to an even higher level.

The Animal will be unleashed on ECW Tuesday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom; will he become just another victim of the 7-foot, 507-pound Big Show, or will the ECW Champion get eaten alive?

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