A chance for fame

A chance for fame

PHOENIX -- John Morrison kicked off ECW on Sci Fi much like last week, barely breaking a sweat when he faced a less-than-intimidating opponent in his 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge. Things were very different afterward, however, this time around.

Tommy Dreamer and CM Punk both approached the ECW Champion, arguing that each of them could last 15 minutes in the ring with Morrison. Their cases made, Morrison announced a Triple Threat Match between the two Superstars and Elijah Burke -- a man he feels deserves the opportunity.

Next week's action should prove interesting, with CM Punk earning his way into the ECW Championship picture by defeating Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke in the main event Triple Threat Match. CM Punk has had two golden opportunities against John Morrison, both of which fell short at Vengeance: Night of Champions and The Great American Bash. Before he can prove that the third time is a charm, though, he must last 15 minutes in the squared circle against his rival. And this will be his last chance, as he has promised never to challenge Morrison again if he fails this time around. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Stevie Richards silenced any of his critics who called the previous week's win over Kevin Thorn a fluke. Getting a second consecutive win against the fanged freak raises a red flag for all Superstars on the ECW roster. While Richards moves up as one of the hottest Superstars in sports-entertainment right now, Kevin Thorn is lying in a coffin of frustrations. His expression alone showed our fans what the vampire enthusiast is feeling, losing two straight to the ECW Original after such a successful solo run. Perhaps Richards truly has staked the creature of the night. (WATCH)

Following Richards's big win, our fans learned that something can scare a 400-plus-pound man. After proving to be too much for even three men to handle in a Handicap Match, Big Daddy V was spooked by Boogeyman, sporting a new and scarier look, when the worm aficionado rushed into the ring. While nothing may compare to the physical stature of the heavy father figure, Boogeyman's mind games certainly have been able to break Matt Striker's favorite student.

In other action, The Miz earned his second win in as many weeks when he defeated ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Once again, he showed he was the ladies man, though he lost track of Kelly Kelly for a moment, who seemed distracted by Mahoney's condition. Nevertheless, The Miz was able to get her attention away from the Chair Swinging Freak and back to him.

Don't miss what ensues with CM Punk and his latest championship opportunity Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.

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