Proof of strength

Proof of strength

HERSHEY, Pa. -- Make no mistake, ECW Champion Mark Henry plans to hold on to the Extreme gold through SummerSlam and for a long time to come -- a mission he made clear on Tuesday's ECW on Sci Fi. The World's Strongest Champion came face-to-face with his SummerSlam opponent and fellow ECW draftee, Matt Hardy, on ECW where Henry bent a steel bar to prove his strength and toughness.

But No. 1 contender Hardy wasn't impressed by Henry's act of strength, nor was he bothered by his ECW on Sci Fi opponent, Colin Delaney. The youngster faced Hardy in an attempt to impress Henry and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas who merely looked on, without offering assistance. After Hardy defeated Delaney, Henry entered the ECW ring, took a long look at his SummerSlam opponent, then grabbed Delaney, and in another act of strength, pressed him over his head and tossed him over the top rope. (WATCH)

Will the World's Strongest Champion continue to dominate in the Land of the Extreme? Or will Hardy's positive momentum and unbreakable spirit continue through SummerSlam, helping him to prevail in his ECW Championship Match? Now that Henry has shown Delaney where he stands within their partnership, and Delaney again failed to impress the ECW Champion, who will the youngster turn to next for guidance?

Also on ECW, Sci Fi's highest-rated show, the undefeated Ricky Ortiz took on Chavo Guerrero, who was accompanied by his bodyguard, Bam Neely. The confident Ortiz, who is part of ECW General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative, entered the match with a 1-0 record, and continued his winning streak when Guerrero lost by disqualification because of Neely's interference. After the match, Neely attacked Ortiz and held down his feet while Guerrero delivered a devastating frog splash to the newcomer. But Guerrero's gloating didn't last long, as Evan Bourne rushed the ECW ring to quickly attack the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior," then escaped to have the last laugh. (WATCH)

Bourne's been a thorn in Guerrero's side for the last few weeks -- will the high-flying newcomer continue to torment Guerrero? How will Guerrero use Neely to his advantage when it comes to warding off Bourne?

Also on Tuesday night, The Miz & John Morrison met Finlay & Hornswoggle in tag team action. The former WWE Tag Team Champions found a sweet victory in Chocolatetown, U.S.A., defeating the father and son duo. As Finlay tended to his son, Mike Knox stormed into the ring and attacked Finlay, laying him out alongside Hornswoggle. Minutes later, Knox told ECW Diva Lena Yada that Finlay has gone from being "the man who loves to fight to the man who loves to dance with leprechauns." Knox said Finlay has gone soft, making him an easy target.

Will Knox come after Finlay again? How will Finlay & Hornswoggle prove they haven't "gone soft" as Extreme Superstars?

Finally, there's a new face in the Land of the Extreme. Following the shocking appointment of Mike Adamle to Raw General Manager by WWE Executive Vice President, Shane McMahon, five-year veteran of the WWE announce team, Todd Grisham, has joined ECW as the new play-by-play man on Tuesday nights.

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