Extreme revenge?

Tonight on ECW on Sci Fi, Big Show will defend the ECW World Championship against RAW's Kane in an Extreme Rules Match. And while this will be the first time the fans have seen Kane in weeks, some may see the match as the culmination of a strange odyssey that began nearly nine months ago.

For six months, Kane and Big Show were partners; actually, they were more than just teammates…they were World Tag Team Champions. But on the day they won the gold, they didn't even know they would become one of the most dominant teams in WWE history.

It was at RAW's Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view on November 1 that the two 7-footers came together. When Shawn Michaels beat them in a fans' vote to earn a WWE Championship Match that night, Kane & Show were instead given a chance to face Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch for the World Tag Team Championship. Naturally, their sheer size advantage helped them dominate Cade & Murdoch en route to capturing the gold.

For the next half-year, the two monsters turned back every team who stepped in their path. It finally took a team of five to dethrone them, as the Spirit Squad became World Tag Team Champions the night after WrestleMania 22. Their six-month reign of terror was over…but little did they know that their alliance would soon crumble as well.

Shortly after losing the gold, Kane began to hear voices in his head. His movie, See No Evil, was to be released on May 19, and the voices kept reminding him of past horrors that happened on that date.

At one point, Kane went crazy, chokeslamming his own partner in a fit of rage. He even tried to gouge Big Show's eye out in a scene that Kane's See No Evil character Jacob Goodnight would approve of. Eventually, the two tried to settle their differences at Backlash, but the voices once again returned; when Kane went berserk again, Big Show bashed him in the head with a chair before walking out on the match.

When Kane finally revealed that his parents had been burned on May 19, he thought his horrors were over. Unfortunately for him, an impostor dressed in the Big Red Monster's former duds came onto the scene; with the Big Red Monster's attention diverted to his doppelganger, the issue between Kane and Big Show was tabled for another day.

And that day is tonight. Kane successfully rid RAW of his impostor, but hasn't been seen since doing so almost one month ago. Meanwhile, Big Show has jumped from RAW to ECW and become ECW World Heavyweight Champion, most recently getting involved in The Great Khali's rivalry with Undertaker on SmackDown.

With Paul Heyman keeping things so close to his vest these days, no one is really sure how or why Kane has gotten this opportunity. Is it a continuation of the issues that Kane & Show never quite resolved at Backlash? Perhaps, but of course there could be another entirely unknown reason for Kane's re-emergence.

The only thing that is known is that Kane and Big Show will clash tonight in an Extreme Rules Match for the ECW World Championship. The rest...well, everyone will just have to wait and see about that.

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