The face of extreme

The face of extreme

FRESNO, Calif. -- ECW Champion John Morrison may be the new face of Extreme, but that face formed into a grimace when CM Punk pinned Elijah Burke in the main event of ECW on Sci Fi.

Though CM Punk fell just short of attaining gold at The Great American Bash, he had a chance for some redemption Tuesday night. In a match that featured Punk teaming up with ECW Original Tommy Dreamer to take on two young, cocky Superstars in Morrison & Burke, the Straightedge Superstar prevailed. It seems Punk has Burke's number, covering him for the three-count in the second straight week, but the number he really wants is John Morrison's. He may not have that quite yet, but if the look on Morrison's face after the loss is any indication, perhaps the determined Punk has taken the first step toward that goal. (WATCH)

Morrison kicked off the evening boasting the ECW Championship that still adorned his waist two days after retaining it at The Great American Bash. Introduced as the "new face of Extreme," the champion offered a 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge to anyone who would face him. Morrison shortened that block of time to only about one minute, but anyone who can earn 15 minutes without being pinned will receive a championship opportunity. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Kevin Thorn looked like he thought Stevie Richards would be an easy meal. Richards, however, overcame a contest mostly dominated by the vampire enthusiast, winning his way toward being a true threat for the ECW roster.

Mike Mizanin may be a force worth taking seriously, as well… at least in terms of cornering the market for dates. The Miz had an unforgettable night, notching a win against Nunzio and continuing to mold the hearts of Extreme Exposé. (WATCH)

Big Daddy V had an unforgettable night of his own, dominating in a Handicap Match and making his teacher, Matt Striker, very proud. According to Striker, Big Daddy V has disposed of Boogeyman, who has been missing in action since being forced to trade in his worms for a mouthful of chalkboard two weeks ago. Thanks to his favorite student, Striker and Big Daddy V can sleep soundly at night without fear of what may be lurking in their closets… or can they?

Don't miss what develops on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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