Going for gold

Going for gold

PHILADELPHIA -- While Matt Hardy may have lost the United States Championship to Shelton Benjamin at The Great American Bash this past Sunday, the Extreme Superstar isn't exactly backing down from the competition. On ECW on Sci Fi, Hardy was victorious in a Fatal Four Way Match against Finlay, The Miz and John Morrison, hitting Morrison with a Twist of Fate to secure a chance to face Mark Henry for the ECW Championship at SummerSlam. (WATCH) More on this story…

Earlier on ECW, in honor of successfully defending his gold at The Great American Bash, Henry was presented a brand-new title on behalf of General Manager Theodore Long. The World's Strongest Champion accepted the gold alongside WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, who proclaimed it a new ECW. Atlas declared that all who get with the program will be rewarded, including Colin Delaney, who turned against his former mentor, Tommy Dreamer, on Sunday to help Henry retain the ECW Championship.

"I looked in the ring and on one side I saw a legend, a Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas with the World's Strongest Champion, Mark Henry. And on the other side I saw Tommy Dreamer: A washed-up loser," Delaney boldly announced, saying he'll carry Henry's bags any day.

But before Delaney could leave with his new alliance, Long told the youngster that Dreamer isn't only a part of his past, but a part of his future, because he'd be facing his former friend in the ECW ring immediately. A frightened Delaney -- who was abandoned in the ring by Henry and Atlas -- was defeated by Dreamer. Is this the last Delaney will see of the ECW Original -- who some say is responsible for helping the youngster earn a WWE contract? How will Delaney's betrayal affect his life as an ECW Superstar? (WATCH)

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Evan Bourne continued his winning streak, defeating James Curtis as Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely watched ringside. Fresh off a victory over Guerrero last week, the young, high-flying Bourne is quickly making a name for himself on the ECW scene. As part of Long's New Superstar Initiative, Bourne is determined to impact the Land of the Extreme. After defeating Curtis, Guerrero and Neely rushed the ECW ring, attempting to attack Bourne, but the quick Superstar escaped to have the last laugh. Will anyone be able to stop Bourne?

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