What's in the cards for ECW?

What's in the cards for ECW?

RICHMOND, Va. -- Just days before Night of Champions at 8/5 PT Sunday, those who wander the Land of the Extreme continue to search for a way to become the face of the ever-changing franchise. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Christian crossed paths for the final time before their contest at the pay-per-view, while new Superstars to the brand and to all of WWE made significant impacts, suggesting a new blood may be pumping through the Extreme veins of ECW.

"The Abraham Washington Show" (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Tensions are running high as ever in the week leading up to Night of Champions. As guests on "The Abraham Washington Show," ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Christian could not contain themselves. Washington's leading questions were no help as the ECW Original and Captain Charisma almost turned conversation into chaos, slapping one another and nearly coming to blows as ECW on Syfy went off the air.

Tyler Reks def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS)
Another new talent, Tyler Reks, was still in search of his first win. After two consecutive losses to Zack Ryder, Reks changed his luck and defeated Paul Burchill in a competitive contest. Unfortunately for the young Superstar, he couldn't enjoy his victory for long. Burchill took matters into his own hands after the bell, making Reks pay.

A visit with Sheamus
Despite not having a match on ECW on Syfy, Sheamus made sure not to be forgotten when he checked in from outside of the locker room. The Irishman, who has been immensely successful in his young, undefeated career, told the WWE Universe that the days of Finlay and Hornswoggle making a spectacle of themselves were over in the Land of the Extreme. The self-proclaimed "Celtic Warrior" would make ECW's viewers regret once worshipping the heroes that he will lay to waste in the coming months.

Shelton Benjamin def. Goldust (PHOTOS)
Shelton Benjamin continues to climb toward his "Gold Standard" status, beating the very substance he claims to be. Goldust impressed ECW viewers with a strong effort, but in the end, it wasn't enough to overcome Benjamin.

Ezekiel Jackson def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While he came over to ECW in the 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft, Ezekiel Jackson is the most recent ECW Superstar to make his first appearance for the brand. In the ring, he gave the WWE Universe a glimpse of what to expect as he cruised to a convincing victory. The celebration was cut short by Vladimir Kozlov, however, who insisted on showing up Jackson by applying a few maneuvers of his own on the fallen competitor. The Russian Superstar then left the ring without explanation or words of any kind for Jackson.

Yoshi Tatsu def. William Regal (PHOTOS)
In the first match of the evening at the Richmond Coliseum, ECW newcomer Yoshi Tatsu earned what many would consider his first victory. In his debut bout, he surprised Shelton Benjamin with an unexpected blow and covered him for the win, only to lose to Benjamin in their rematch the following week. On ECW, Tatsu and Regal put forth a great match for the WWE Universe, but in the end, it was the young Japanese Superstar who had his fists raised in the air after pinning the seasoned veteran.

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