Breeding destiny

Breeding destiny

LAREDO, Texas - CM Punk notched a win in his final contest before destiny calls him to his title match at The Great American Bash. Punk has been rolling toward his showdown with ECW World Champion John Morrison, making Elijah Burke his latest victim. Following a three-count, Punk stood victorious while Burke lay in his own frustrations — frustrations that return only a week after breaking his losing streak against Balls Mahoney. (WATCH)

Punk's Bash opponent drew plenty of attention, as always, when he held a press conference he deemed would change ECW forever. The ECW World Champion said goodbye to "Johnny Nitro." Now that he has reached the top, he will answer only to his birth name: John Morrison. He took measures to make sure Punk remembers his name, bringing a microphone to the Straightedge Superstar's skull. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

In other ECW on Sci Fi action, Kevin Thorn took a bite out of ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was coming off a tough loss to Morrison in an Extreme Rules Match just one week earlier. Thorn continues to have success as a bat flying solo.

Big Daddy V had a big performance in his first ECW on Sci Fi match (no pun intended). After Matt Striker proudly introduced his massive pupil, Big Daddy V made a meal out of his opponent. The Miz also had an eventful night of his own, when Extreme Exposé treated him to a private dance.

What will happen when Punk gets another chance at the ECW World Title on Sunday? Will Elijah Burke get back on track? Don't miss your chance to find out. Watch The Great American Bash on Sunday at 8/7 CT on pay-per-view, and ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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