A giant challenge

Tonight on ECW on Sci Fi, Big Show will defend the ECW World Heavyweight Championship against one of the biggest legends in WWE: Undertaker.

Big Show challenged the Deadman at Saturday Night’s Main Event just moments after helping The Great Khali decimate him. Show had come out to the ring to compliment Khali for taking out Undertaker, but chaos ensued when the Deadman showed up. In the end, however, Show & Khali rocked the Deadman with a vicious double chokeslam.

Moments after Big Show made the challenge, ECW.com caught up with the ECW Champion. And while the Deadman will be his opponent Tuesday night, Big Show said that wasn’t the original intention.

“Undertaker stuck his nose into my business,” Big Show told ECW.com. “I was about to offer The Great Khali an opportunity at the ECW Championship, and Undertaker came out to steal the spotlight.”

And while the sheer presence of the Deadman commands awe from the WWE fans, Big Show now says he is under a different glow.

“Now the spotlight burns brightly on Undertaker,” he said. “Just like Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair, he’s going to learn the hard way that the ECW Champion is unbeatable.”

Never one to shy away from comment, ECW representative Paul Heyman offered the following words about Big Show’s clash with the Deadman:

“Undertaker demonstrated remarkable knack for career advancement by jumping on the ECW bandwagon. Tonight on Sci Fi, Undertaker has a chance to accomplish something new by winning the ECW World Championship…but the problem is that Big Show is standing in his way.”

A 7-footer will be walking out of Corpus Christi, Texas tonight as ECW Champion. Will the gold stay around the waist of the current champion, or will a WWE phenom conquer the land of extreme?

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