Iron man

Iron man

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  If at first you don't succeed in bending an iron frying pan with your bare hands, just use it to smash your Great American Bash opponent over the head.

That's exactly what Tommy Dreamer did to Mark Henry after the World's Strongest Champion displayed his raw power by easily bending a frying pan while Tazz and Henry's newest supporter, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, looked on.

The escalating tensions between the ECW Original and the ECW Champion will finally come to a head this Sunday in their title match at The Great American Bash. Match preview …

Familiar scene
With support from our fans in their home state of North Carolina, United States Champion Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff Hardy, took on WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz. Boasting seven Tag Team Championships of their own, the reunited Hardys launched a well executed attack against their opponents.

As the match went on, the intensity level of both teams picked up with a few near pinfalls. But in the end, it was a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy to John Morrison which set the stage for Matt Hardy to cover the Tuesday Night Delight. (WATCH)

Shooting star
Ever since his ECW debut last month, Evan Bourne has been turning the heads of our fans and Superstars alike. In perhaps his toughest challenge yet, the young upstart took on former ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero. Despite Guerrero's ring savvy and experience, Bourne was able to stun the former champion with a Shooting Star Press from the top rope, giving him the victory. (WATCH)

Hard Knox
In a dominating display of force, Mike Knox maintained control over Shannon Moore throughout their entire match. In the end, The Reject couldn't summon enough to stop Knox's onslaught and fell victim to a hard-hitting face plant for the loss.

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