Monumental mauling

Monumental mauling

MIAMI -- In less than two weeks, Tommy Dreamer will defend the ECW Title at Night of Champions against Christian. (Match preview) But one Extreme Superstar keeps stepping in the way of both the ECW Original and Captain Charisma, and that's the unstoppable Vladimir Kozlov.

Vladimir Kozlov def. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer (Non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
He may not be the No. 1 contender to the ECW Championship, but Vladimir Kozlov has proven he's a force to be reckoned with and isn't backing down from any Extreme Superstar. The Moscow Mauler defeated ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer on Tuesday's ECW on Syfy with a vicious Iron Curtain.

After the main event, as Kozlov continued his assault on Dreamer, an angry Christian stormed into the ring to attack Kozlov. Captain Charisma sought retribution for Kozlov's distraction earlier in the night during his match against Shelton Benjamin. But Christian's attack accidentally knocked down Dreamer, and Kozlov -- still fuming because he lost No. 1 contendership the week before to Christian -- turned his focus on Captain Charisma. The Sambo master leveled Christian, leaving the Night of Champions opponents helpless in the ring as Kozlov exited with a menacing smile on his face.

Shelton Benjamin def. Christian (PHOTOS)
Earlier on ECW on Syfy, Christian was defeated by Shelton Benjamin after Vladimir Kozlov joined the ECW announce team. The Soviet War Machine's presence was enough to distract the No. 1 contender to allow Benjamin to hit Paydirt and pin Captain Charisma. Kozlov said he accidentally lost last week, and he could beat Christian or Dreamer, anytime, anywhere. Will Kozlov factor into the ECW Championship Match at Night of Champions?

Yoshi Tatsu def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
ECW newcomer Yoshi Tatsu defeated Paul Burchill in the Land of the Extreme this week, giving the Japanese Superstar his second victory since his arrival via the New Superstar Initiative. An impressive Tatsu overcame adversity and had a little luck on his side during the match. Moments after Tatsu slipped off the top rope, Burchill argued a call with the referee and turned his back, allowing Tatsu to land a high kick on "The Ripper," knocking him down for the pin and the victory. Will Burchill seek revenge for his loss to the Japanese newcomer?

Zack Ryder def. Goldust (PHOTOS)
Goldust made his ECW debut Tuesday night against Zack Ryder. One of the most bizarre Superstars in WWE history, Goldust arrived in the Land of the Extreme via Donald Trump's blockbuster trade. Ryder gave the Golden One a rude welcome, and defeated him with a Zack Attack. Will Goldust seek retribution against the braggadocios Ryder?

Sheamus def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
ECW's new Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, returned to the Land of the Extreme this week with another impressive victory over a local competitor, pinning him after a modified Yurinagi into a Backbreaker. Sheamus arrived on ECW as part of the New Superstar Initiative. He's said he's come to plant the flag of great Irish tradition and he plans to dominate ECW. Who will face the Celtic Warrior in the weeks to come?

Gregory Helms interviews Ezekiel Jackson (WATCH)
In an exclusive interview on the ECW set, Ezekiel Jackson explained to Gregory Helms that he was in no rush to make his ECW debut because there's only once chance to make a first impression. Helms asked Jackson if he felt he needed to step out of the shadow of his former associate, The Brian Kendrick -- a question that seriously angered the ECW newcomer. "The most important person right now is me, Ezekiel Jackson," he said. When will the WWE Universe see Jackson in action again on ECW?

Next week on ECW
ECW General Manager Tiffany has been impressed by Tyler Reks' "WWE Superstars" matches, so she's decided he'll see action on ECW on Syfy next week. Also, tune in to see ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and his Night of Champions opponent, Christian, on next week's "Abraham Washington Show" on ECW.

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